Gabby Pettit’s family releases ‘burns after reading’ letter


Brian Landry and Gabby Pettit

Brian Landry and Gabby Pettit

The parents of a US blogger who authorities say was strangled by her lover have released a letter from the mother of a murder suspect, in which they talked about burying the body.

Gabby Pettit’s family is suing boyfriend Brian Landry’s parents for emotional distress.

A judge ruled Wednesday that the Petitos could include letters to Roberta Landry’s son in their civil lawsuit.

The death of Petite, 22, two years ago drew national attention.

Landry shot himself after his girlfriend was found strangled at a campground in Wyoming.

Petito’s parents, who are not facing any charges in connection with his death, have asked the judge to keep the letter out of the case.

Mrs Landry wrote to her son in a note, “If you are in prison, I will bake you a cake and put a file in it.

“If we need to dispose of the body, we will bring a shovel and a garbage bag.”

“Burn after reading,” she wrote on the envelope the letter was in.

Mrs Landry, in previously filed court documents, said the letter contained only “quirky” references to her son’s childhood favorite books.

She also said she wrote her son a letter before he left on a transcontinental trip with Petite.

However, the Petit family said in a statement to the BBC on Thursday that “the reasonable inference is that it was written after Gaby Petit was murdered”.

in court on Wednesday, CNN coverage Petito family attorney Patrick Riley said of the letter: “By the way, what Roberta Landry said she would commit was a criminal act.”

Sarasota Circuit Court Judge Daniel Brewer declined to issue an injunction to stop the use of the letter in the case.

Last year, Petit and Landry’s families reached a $3 million settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Petit’s parents.

After their engagement, the couple documented their post-engagement cross-country road trip on social media until Landry returned to his parents’ home in Northport, Fla., without her in September 2021.

Her body was found later that month near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

The FBI said Landry’s body was found a month later at a Florida nature reserve near her family’s home.

The letter was found by investigators.

Petito’s disappearance and the aftermath of the investigation caught the attention of US Internet sleuths.