Ganmento Chibas kills 30 passengers in Sokoto, Nigeria


Nigeria’s Bauchi — At least 30 passengers on a bus in Sokoto, Nigeria, were burned to death on Tuesday when a shooter burned it, police and residents said.

Armed groups, locally known as bandits, have kidnapped hundreds of school children for ransom over the past year in violent attacks targeting villagers and commuters traveling on highways in the northern part of the country. Did.

Sokoto police northwest spokesman Sanushi Aboubakr said the bus was carrying 24 passengers and seven were injured and fled to the hospital when the armed men disembarked. rice field.

However, two residents who arrived at the scene and helped recover the body told Reuters that the bus was overloaded and the body was unrecognizable.

They counted at least 30 body parts, including females and children.

Residents said the villagers were ambushed on the road connecting the Savonbilni municipality with the village of Gidambawa in Sokoto.

Bandits are known to move around on their bikes and hide in the woods. In the forest, it is common to retain abducted victims while waiting for ransom payments.

By Ardo Hazzad