Garnot says Americans got another 500 Canadians from Kabul on Thursday’s flight


Ottawa-Foreign Minister Marc Garneau says another 500 Canadians have left Kabul on Thursday’s American Airlines.

Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan ended that day, leaving an unknown number of Canadians and their families, and vulnerable Afghanistan fearing Taliban retaliation.

Following Canada’s withdrawal, an attack on Kabul Airport killed 13 US troops and dozens of Afghans in an attempt to escape, and President Joe Biden vowed revenge.

Garnot said today that Americans could airlift “about 500 people if I could,” and Canada “group effort” before the C-17 transport plane withdrew early Thursday. He says he was doing the same thing as part of.

Canada’s military mission has ended as part of a phased withdrawal plan by the United States, which departs by the August 31 deadline. The United States leads air transport in 13 countries and is responsible for airport security.

According to Garnot, Afghanistan’s neighbors are in talks with the Taliban to maintain the flow of humanitarian aid and reopen Kabul Airport to allow people to enter and exit.

Garnot emphasized that no one knows when that will happen, but the Taliban are said to be in the best interests of the country for the airport to function.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the speed with which the Taliban dominate Afghanistan is a surprise to him and other world leaders.

He states that Canada remains committed to fulfilling its pledge to keep Canadians abroad and resettle thousands of Afghan refugees.

Trudeau said Canada and its allies have done everything possible in recent weeks to bring as many people out of Afghanistan as possible in large-scale military airlifts from airports secured by Americans.

The Taliban raided the country earlier this month as the troops of a country trained by Canada and its allies collapsed and regained power in Afghanistan.

“I think politicians, leaders and Afghanistan themselves around the world were surprised at how fast the Taliban could take over in Afghanistan,” Trudeau said on Friday.

Mike Blanchefield

Canadian press