Garth Brooks Calls Fans After Texas Show, Beats Dynamic Pricing, Signals End Of Tour

Garth Brooks must have been well aware that his show did perfectly well AT&T Stadium is packed Saturday night.

The energy this country icon wielded during the 27-song show that spanned over two hours was unmistakable.With nearly every Garth classic and massive singing voice 90,000 attended That didn’t prove it, and Garth’s thoroughly drenched western button-down shirt certainly did.

Still, around midnight, as fans lined up out of the stadium, Brooks made a video call to a lucky fan named Brandy to see what they thought of the show.

Video calling was part of the “Text Garth” feature Brooks was experimenting with. North American stadium tour finish. He played at his NRG stadium in Houston on Saturday, wrapping up his tour of 113 stops, and played his five shows at Cloak his Park in Dublin, Ireland in September.

“Have you all had a good time?” Brooks asked. “Did you have a good time tonight?”

Yes they did.

“Very good,” Brooks replied.

He introduced Yearwood, who sat next to him in the back of the SUV as he left Arlington, presumably for the airport.

“I love you. I can’t thank you enough for everything. Get home safely. I love you!”

On Friday afternoon, Brooks spoke about the importance of North Texas to his career, the issues with dynamic ticket pricing and why he is so beloved in Ireland.

You have a rich history in North Texas. What makes this area special to you?

I’m from Oklahoma, but it’s like coming home. I always thought these people would never accept me, but they accepted me like their native son, which makes me so proud. Glad to be back. This is kind of the beginning of our career. It’s so sweet because you get the coolest building on the planet and everyone acts like they’re doing you a favor to be here.

What are your thoughts on using dynamic ticket pricing? [Dynamic pricing, where the price of tickets for a show fluctuate depending on the demand for tickets, is being used by Ticketmaster ostensibly to prevent scalping, but have basically just made themselves the scalper]

That’s a big deal. [Bruce] Springsteen is going through it now. we all see it. This is the conclusion for me. I know this is silly, but for all you know me, I’ve screamed many times. Knock out the scalping. just make it illegal. Then the ticket price is the ticket price. The same money is exchanged when scalping tickets, only now you get money. That’s the difference. What I don’t like about it, it’s the fans, the ones who make it possible for you to live your dreams.

But when you go to Las Vegas to hang out or do a residency, you get dynamic pricing. Residents are difficult because it’s going to be tough, but that’s always the case because seats are limited anyway.

Consider playing at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth?

Yes Yes. This will be the last stadium tour. The burden on the crew is too great.

It doesn’t mean it’s over. I don’t think I’ll be doing an organized tour again, although I know what I’ll do next. We might just pick a spot and do something, but we wouldn’t cluster it as a tour.guys [the crew] I haven’t been home in months, so I have to live the same life they gave me.

Why are you so big in Ireland?

I have no idea. As you can imagine, I’m sticking out there like a thumb. But since day one A gentleman named Jim Aiken, he was the promoter over there, he said you have to come. “Does he have the right people?” I was asking the manager. He said you can spend multiple nights here. This was him in 1991 or his 92. Point he went to the depot. [Dublin] We spent 9 nights there and couldn’t start singing without singing back in your accent.

i wish i knew I have no idea. If someone says, “Hey, I have an answer,” I look for that answer to be music. It makes the most sense to me. ”