Gates accused Extorter confirms and refuses $ 25 million shakedown

Astrid Riecken / Getty

Astrid Riecken / Getty

The man that Congressman Matt Gaetz has Blame for trying to blackmail Millions from his family in a strange interview asking a Florida Republican father to fund an international plan to “rescue” American citizens who are widely believed to have died in Iran. But, and blamed recent allegations of sexual misconduct.

Air Force veteran and “research consultant” Bob Kent Sirius Radio personality Michael Smerconish confirmed last month that he approached Gates’ pocket-deep father, former Florida Senator Don Gates, for a $ 25 million loan. The money will redeem the release of former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Robert Levinson, who disappeared in Iran more than a decade ago. Levinson’s own family believes he is dead, but Kent claims that he remains a hostage in the Islamic Republic, even if there is evidence that he is alive and a trusted expert dismisses his claim. did.

Kent said he was aware of when Gates could have “legal problems” and suggested that supporting the mission would create “good faith” towards the House of Representatives. He didn’t say that clearly, but these issues seem to be a recently surfaced claim that lawmakers paid women (possibly including underage girls) and women for misuse of election funds. ..

“Matt Gaetz needs good publicity and I need $ 25 million to save Robert Levinson,” Kent told Smerconish.

Kent described a series of alleged events he said led to raising money from Gates’ dad. A former intelligence officer was able to track Levinson. Kent said his team attempted to rescue US agents last July. There he “lost four” to the Iranian army.

Kent claimed he did not try to blackmail the Gates clan, despite working on a project with Florida serial scammer Stephen Alford, alluding to demanding money and fraud in the House of Representatives.

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“I never threatened the man. In fact, it was the opposite. I told him I would never contact him if he decided not to help us,” Kent said. Talked about the meeting with Don Gates. “I can’t help how it sounds.”

Nevertheless, Kent said Gates’ father first interpreted the overture as an attempt to extort. But Kent claimed that the local Republican power broker had since become receptive and offered to provide material to then-President Donald Trump.

But Mr Kent argued that he was not interested in government support. He claimed to have received a notice from Levinson’s family lawyer, David Maggie, a week ago that Don Gates would actually fund an adventure in the Middle East. 1 day later The consultant claims that Congressman was behind reports of trafficking a 17-year-old girl.

“Last Monday, David called me and said that Don agreed to fund the project.

We will remit the operating expenses on Tuesday, “said Kent. “Then Gates, MP of the night, went to the news.”

Neither the lawyer nor his father’s lawyer immediately responded to the request for comment. Like Kent, they denied cheating.

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