Gavin Newsom is one of the most pro-Latino governors in California’s history, and he’s been attacked for it.

East Los Angeles, CA-August 14, 2021-Governor of California Gavin Newsom recalls on August 14, 2021 while meeting with Latin leaders at the Hechoen Mexico Restaurant in East Los Angeles. We have issued a statement against it. Worked on a telephone bank to call voters to vote against a restaurant recall. Los Angeles City Councilor Kevin de Leon, California, California State Legislature Miguel Santiago, California Senator Maria Elena Durazo and other senior officials were waiting to assist the governor.  (Jennaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

Governor Gavin Newsom said in a meeting with Latin leaders in East Los Angeles on August 14 that Senator Maria Elena Durazo, Los Angeles City Councilor Kevin de Leon, and State Assembly member I will give a lecture including Miguel Santiago. (Jennaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

If Latin Americans don’t mobilize to vote “no” in California’s recall, we can say goodbye to decades of progress in our community.

Gaining power to eliminate immigrants in our immigrant-supporting countries can also have a spillover effect nationwide, bolding other xenophobic Republican governors and paralyzing parliamentary immigration reform efforts.

Governor Gavin Newsom is one of the most pro-Latin governors in California’s history, making Latin Americans important leadership position, State, etc. First Latin American Senator, Alex Padilla, and a Latin civil society group from his first day to negotiate.

Dolores Huerta, a 91-year-old symbol of civil rights and trade union leader, explained to me the governor: “He has proven to be a friend of Latin Americans and the immigrant community, and we need to keep him.”

Newsom’s pro-Latino approach is exactly why Republicans first started recalling. Read “Reason for Recall” in the Official Voter Information Guide. “A law that allows him to support foreigners more illegally than our citizens in our country.”

This was what Newsom did, infuriating the Latin Americans hiding behind the rhetoric about “our own” and illegal invasion.he priority Latin regions at high risk for the COVID-19 vaccine.he Expansion College student loan for “Dreamers” made for a graduate degree Unprecedented Investing in public education to help Latin Americans in the working class, including initiatives to reduce textbook costs and cover two years of free community colleges.

he support The COVID Stimulation checks for undocumented Californians who have continued to operate our state as an integral worker.he approved Temporary housing for farmers infected with COVID Rent relief When Tax reduction For small businesses.he Secure Undocumented Health Insurance for the Elderly: Our Abu Eritos Those who sacrificed for us.

However, recent polls on call elections show that many Latino Americans are still unaware that they are at stake.Emerson / Nexter poll found 54% of Latin Americans Support Recall this month, Wide range of support For Newsom in May. The organizers tell me it’s because of the confusion about anti-newsam advertising and recalls on social media.

Fernando Gera, a professor of political science and Latin studies at Loyola Marymount University, told me that Newsom’s team must do a better job of communicating what Latin Americans have gained. More than any other governor in California’s history. Gala called the recall supporters “anti-Latin people.”

Latin Americans are sad and exhausted after suffering Disproportionation Economic and fatalities from pandemics. 52% of us I know who was hospitalized or died. We are recovering from a four-year racist presidential and hate crime surge.

Some Latinos have a real reason to be dissatisfied with Newsome and, despite his support, struggle to achieve their goals. The blockage was difficult. “That is, we don’t take a break,” said Armida Lopez, who lives in Los Angeles and lives in El Salvador. It worries her because she knows things can get worse.

Larry Elder, a leading Republican candidate for the call election, wants to overturn sanctuary law, medical care for undocumented people, and even natural citizenship. He sought advice from former Governor Pete Wilson, who oversaw California’s most anti-Latin decade.As Many years of mentor Former President Trump’s most sadistic adviser, Stephen Miller, Elder and his policy Deteriorate the lives of blacks and browns In every part of this state.

Sonja Diaz, founding director of UCLA’s Latin American Policy and Political Initiative, said the successful recall would be a “Republican lottery.” Republicans will use it in midterm elections advertising to gain public support for a science-separated right-wing agenda.

Republican victories can also undermine the enthusiasm of elected officials for policies that help Latino Americans, including: Road to citizenship For those who have not documented the settlement bill. “Latin voting will raise very important questions about the idea that it is a truly powerful political entity that can drive policies of all sizes,” said Roberto, a professor of journalism and public policy at the USC.・ Suro told me.

However, many activists and organizers believe that our community will emerge in Newsom. We are slow decision makers who are considering everything carefully.

Congressman Wendy Carrillo (D-Los Angeles) told me that the recall was “a wake-up call, as Pete Wilson did in Proposal 187 in 1994.” She doesn’t blame Newsom for her late outreach about what’s at stake. “The governor and his team are doing their best to save lives and have to deal with this unnecessary and costly election,” said Carilo.

Newsom’s team invests in Spanish and English advertising, text messages, phone calls and more. The organizer knocks on the door and Latina’s patriarch is on his way to reach the extended family.

Angelica Saras, Secretary-General of the Immigration Rights Group CHIRLA, said:

In California, Latino advances have broadly benefited all residents by allowing families to contribute financially and safely report crimes to police without fear of deportation of loved ones. Bring.

Fuerta, the civil rights leader who created the phrase “Sí se puede” She told me that she believes that recalls endanger humans everywhere because their supporters hate and ignore facts, including climate change. But she believes Latin Americans will turn out to save the nation.

“When you’re in the middle of a tornado, you don’t know what’s going on outside,” Huerta said. “But that’s really happening now because of immigrant rights.”

We must continue to educate our cousins ​​and cousins ​​about the future that Newsom has made possible, and why recall supporters want to put Latino Americans in places they believe to be our legitimate subordination. Hmm.


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