General Motors will install software on Chevy Bolt EV to avoid battery fire

Chevy Bolt

Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

in68,000 Chevy Bolt electric vehicles were recalled last yearAfter that, General Motors (GM) announced further plans to address the risk of battery fire. In the previous recall, GM installed a safety limit that limits the charging capacity to a maximum of 90%. Now, after the owner of the Bolt takes the car to an authorized repair center, the technician will first check the health of the battery. If there is any abnormality If it does, the battery will be replaced first. After that, the technician will install new diagnostic software, which can detect the battery problem before it becomes serious, and then the 90% charging limit can be lifted.

In the next few months, GM plans to push the diagnostic software to all old Bolt EVs, and naturally future cars will also be directly equipped when they leave the factory. For vehicles that need to be returned to the factory, owners of the 2019 model can make an appointment now, while the 2018 and 2017 models will have to wait until the end of May to make an appointment.

Coincidentally, GM and Hyundai, which recalled more than 75,000 Kona electric vehicles last year, both use LG Chem batteries. However, after analysis, Hyundai believes that the battery itself is not the source of the problem, so it may be just a coincidence.