General Staff Reports on Successful Tactics to Eliminate Occupants

The Ukrainian Armed Forces will use the ‘Fist of Fire’ which includes all available rocket and artillery forces. With it, the Ukrainians will be able to successfully destroy the Russian army.

sauce: Serhiy Baranov, Acting Chief of the Combat Strike Systems Department of the Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Military Media Center

Quote: “Ukraine’s western partners even claim that we have created a stupendous ‘killnet’ or ‘deathnet of the Ukrainian military. Up to 80% of Russian losses in our work.

Our guns and missile launchers interact seamlessly with other combat assets, including aviation. ”

detail: As Baranov explains, thanks to the West’s high-precision missile and artillery systems, the defenders combined to create a long-range “fiery fist”, so the Russians would have effective counter-artillery warfare. I lost my ability.

Quote: “Rather than waiting for enemy artillery to open fire, we will detect it in advance and destroy it even before it is ready to attack. This is done carefully so that neither of the infrastructure objects are harmed.OccupiersYou can’t attack our “long range strike force”, but you can attack them. ”

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