Geologist beaten by “angry octopus” on the beach

A man swimming on vacation on a beach in Western Australia was whipped by what he called the “most angry octopus.”

In the virus-infected video, you can see an octopus in the shallow waters rushing towards geologist Lance Karlson.

The creature later came after him again and hit his arm before whipping his neck and upper back.

The tentacles left a stinging red wheal on his skin, which was alleviated only after he poured cola over them, Carlson said.

Former lifeguard Tells Australian news agency 7 News His preferred remedy for sea animal stings is vinegar, but he had nothing to him at the time.

However, he said he knew that acidic ones might help and decided to try cola. “It turned out to work.”

Carlson said he and his family were trying to swim near the resort where they were staying in Geograph Bay, seeing what they thought was the tail of a stingray attacking a seagull.

It wasn’t until I approached my 2-year-old daughter that I realized that it was an octopus, and suddenly I was shooting a video when I turned to the octopus.

“The octopus struck us. This was a real shock,” Carlson said in an email to news agency Reuters.

Then, when he went into the water alone, the octopus found him again and hit him.

“I remember the goggles becoming cloudy, the water suddenly becoming cloudy, and I was shocked and confused,” he said.

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