George Conway says he doesn’t think Ron DeSantis will run for president.

Trump DeSantis

Then-President Donald Trump campaigns with Ron DeSantis at a rally in Pensacola, Fla., Nov. 3, 2018.AP Photo/Butch Dill, File

  • George Conway doesn’t think Ron DeSantis will run for president.

  • Conway said DeSantis didn’t see any upside in stepping into the “muddy mud” with Trump.

  • He said DeSantis, 44, is likely to run in 2028.

Attorney and political commentator George Conway said he doesn’t think Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will run for president against Donald Trump in 2024.

In an MSNBC appearance on Sunday, Conway said he thinks DeSantis will reconsider running in 2024 because the battle with the former president will be “brutal.”

“The way to fight Trump is to chase him with the hammer and tongs, and Trump will be back soon,” said political commentator Conway. Married to Trump aide Kellyanne Conway“It’s going to be the Mud Fest that ends all Mud Fests. And for DeSantis, I don’t know what the upside is for him to do that.”

“Even if DeSantis succeeds in getting rid of Trump, a good percentage of Republicans will still be angry with him.

At 44, DeSantis is old enough to wait rather than participate in an all-out slugfest against Trump during the 2024 election cycle, Conway said.

“Unlike Trump, he’s rational,” Conway said.

Conway Newly Re-elected Governor of Florida Continue to raise funds and build a “massive war chest”. He speculated that DeSantis would leave the running open and wait until the 2028 race to become a “frontrunner” for the Republican Party.

Trump and DeSantis are now Leading candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential election, Neither has announced a run for president.

Still, Trump has already launched an attack on DeSantis, making him a possible 2024 Republican nominee race.

Trump last week Unleashed a tirade on DeSantis, calling him an “average Republican governor.” He also accused DeSantis of being unfaithful, New nickname “Ron Desanctimonias”.

trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said in September That the former president is eager to announce his 2024 candidacy soon. At the meeting on November 5Trump teased that the announcement will be made in a “very, very, very short period of time.”

As for DeSantis, at the October debate, did not commit He served four full years as Governor of Florida.Representative DeSantis told an insider In July, the governor said he would “focus on Florida and run for re-election as governor this year.”

A representative for DeSantis and Trump’s post-inauguration press adviser did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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