George Santos’ reaction to a book about him has Twitter critics howling

Serial liar Congressman George Santos (RN.

Newsday’s Mark Chiusano announced Friday that he’s writing “The Fabulist: How George Santos Conned The World” about a first-year congressman who was found to have fabricated elements of his background.

Santos is also currently under investigation for his campaign finances.

According to publicity, Chiusano’s book will “tell the story of the life of George Santos and how he was able to exploit the largely unguarded loopholes of American politics to become America’s top con man. , will be a tale of scandals across continents.

Santos reacted to the news in a typically belligerent fashion, tweeting that he hopes Chiusano “has a great imagination.”

“I wonder what kind of material will come out of his latest glyph,” he added.

Critics on Twitter were quick to denounce Santos’ response: