George W. Bush moves to protect Liz Cheney from playing cards


George W. Bush.

George W. Bush. MANDELNGAN / AFP via Getty Images

The Republican “living former president” fights head-on to save incumbent Republican Liz Cheney and her Wyoming MP (or upset, depending on your point of view). The Wall Street Journal Report.

According to a copy of the invitation viewed by The Wall Street JournalFormer President George W. Bush’s “First Mid-2022 Campaign Event” will be a fundraising campaign to support Chainy, one of the biggest goals of former President Donald Trump’s Congress.Meanwhile, Trump threw his support behind the lawyer Harriet Hagueman Hoping she confuses Chainy’s reelection bid. Therefore, competing support “conflicts the two biggest names in Republican politics with each other.” journal Write.

Cheney is the daughter of Bush’s Vice President Dick Cheney and a Trump critic with a voice he called “a vigilant fool” and “a scary man.” journal..

In particular, Bush himself Target of Trump’s wrath After condemning domestic terrorism in his 9/11 commemorative speech, many considered it alluding to the January 6 parliamentary riots and certain subsections of Trump supporters. “President Bush led a failed, unstimulated presidency. He shouldn’t lecture to anyone!” Trump counterattacked in a statement.

Bush’s Cheney fundraising is scheduled for October 18, and co-sponsors include Karl Rove, among others. [Bush] Who also consulted [Trump] During his 2020 reelection campaign. “Click here for details The Wall Street Journal..

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