George Will says Josh Hawley is the reason why Senators should be banned from running for president

Former and current US Senators should be banned from running for president, and conservative commentator George Will argued in his latest column: Washington post..

That way, veteran critics say the Senate sees it as a platform to boost their profile for the White House bid, not by the epic politicians, but by those who really want to work. Will be occupied.

As evidence, I quote Senator Josh Hawley (Republican), a 2024 presidential candidate and Donald Trump’s attorney.

Hurley “exemplifies the worst of the presidential candidates that hatched in the Senate,” Will wrote.

“I arrived there in January 2019 and he started running away from the Senate,” continued the commentator. “Twenty-four months later, he was the main catalyst for attempts to nullify the presidential election, hoping that the presidential election would promote him.”

“Agile climbing on all the passing band wagons that can carry him to the Fox News greenhouse, he treats the Senate as just a stepping stone to his ascent to the office commensurate with his talent estimates. Will. “Concludes.

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