Georgia officials say 21-year-old killed by plane propeller after dinner

A Georgia college student died instantly after being struck by the propeller of the plane he rented for dinner, according to the Bulloch County coroner’s office.

The bizarre accident occurred at the Statesboro Block County Airport in Statesboro on Sunday night, Oct. 16, coroner Jake Futch confirmed to the McClatchy News.

Authorities identified the victim as Sani Aliyu, 21, of Atlanta. Administrators at Georgia Southern University have confirmed that he is in his sophomore year of business administration.

Hutch said Aliyu rented a Cessna and flew himself and a young woman to Savannah for dinner on Sunday night. Returning to Statesboro, the young woman dismounted and walked toward the rear of the plane.

“(Aliyu) went outside and walked towards the front,” Futch said. “And when he did, the propeller hit him in the head and he was killed instantly.”

No other details were announced immediately.

Dr. Eileen C. Dowell, vice president and dean of students at Georgia Southern University, said she was “sad” at the news of the tragic incident.

“I have already been in contact with his family and professors and have mobilized all available resources to provide counseling and other assistance the university can provide,” Dowell said in a statement.

The Block County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident, Futch said.

McClatchy News reached out to the sheriff’s office on Monday and is awaiting a response.

Statesboro is about 50 miles northwest of Savannah.

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