Georgia Republicans Begin State Acquisition Process for Fulton County Elections


Georgia Republican Party Demanded Top Performance Rating selection The official Fulton County, Atlanta area voting contest is the first step towards a possible state takeover.

A group of twenty parliamentarians signed the letter, Obtained The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is calling for an investigation into Fulton Election Chief Richard Baron, who is facing a backlash over the processing of the 2020 elections at Democratic headquarters.

“We’re asking them to just revise the records they say are easy to revise. Isn’t it? The Georgian people deserve the answer,” said Republican Senator Pro Tempore. Butch Miller wrote in a letter.

Under Georgia law approved this year, the State Election Commission will evaluate performance or the same if it discovers “tort, tort, or gross negligence in election administration” in at least two elections, no more than two. You can remove the county election administration after your investigation. A few years later, a temporary supervisor will be set up.

However, first, two state representatives of the county and two state senators must support the performance assessment request.

Justice Department escalate warnings to states over Republican voting law and election audits

As the state legislature meets that standard, Miller said:

At least two Georgian Republicans in Fulton County — acting house speaker Jan Jones and state legislature Chuck Martin — said they would also request the AJC to perform a performance review showing sufficient support throughout Congress.

Fulton Commission Chairman Rob Pitts acknowledged the letter from the State Senator and called it “the first official step in the process.” He also said the county “fights to the end, no matter what the outcome.”

President Joe Biden won nearly 73% of the votes in Fulton County, and former President Donald Trump was favored by 26% of the population. Biden received an additional 243,904 votes in the county. Trump lost about 12,000 votes in Georgia, and former presidential Republican allies sought to challenge the number of votes across the state, especially in Fulton County, after delays in reporting post-election tally by election authorities.

Two separate recounts in Fulton County have proved the effectiveness of the counts, but the reasons for questioning this process have become more apparent in recent weeks.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Lafence Purger Requested a bullet to fire Ralf Jones, Fulton County Registration Officer, said Nearly 200 absentee votes were scanned twice After the digital image of the document was released under the new voting law in Peach County.There is no sign that the double-counted ballot affected either final total vote. Playing cards Or Biden, but if they were tabulated, the duplication would add 27 votes to Biden.

“Fulton County’s continued failure lasted long enough without being accountable,” Lafence Purger said. I have written By tweet. “Fulton’s registration officers Rick Baron and Ralf Jones must be dismissed and immediately dismissed from Fulton’s election leadership. Fulton voters and Georgians are of better value.”

Apart from this month, Speaker of the House of Georgia, David Ralston, said: “Independent investigation” On the same day, Senator Burt Jones, a Republican member of the State Senate Government Oversight Committee, sent a letter to Senator Marty Harbin calling on Lafence Purger to testify about the outcome of the election.

Organized group, VoterGa Proceedings Seeking a high-resolution rescan of ballots and a direct review of 147,000 unsealed absentee ballots, duplication is just one form of evidence in the 2020 election process that suggests fraud in the contest. Said.

“If you find this in Fulton County, you’ll probably find it state-wide. The question is why it happened,” said David Cross, a member of a group that disagrees with the election results. “The simple fact that it happened and the fact that we found it here means that it probably happened elsewhere.”

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Since November, Trump has made a headline by asking Lafence Purger to “find” the votes needed to consolidate his former bright red election victory. February criminal investigation..

Report Written by an independent election observer overseeing the November elections FultonIncluding most of Atlanta, has found that county elections were sloppy, but did not find fraud.La fence parser We started the survey last month Efforts to handle paperwork in Fulton County related to the use of Dropbox in the 2020 elections.

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