Georgia Republicans, who look down on Governor Brian Kemp, threaten to stay home in November this year if Trump-backed challenger David Perdue loses Tuesday’s primary.

Former Republican Senator David Perdue of Georgia stands behind a crowd of supporters, and the cardboard clipping just to the right of former President Donald Trump was written as

On Friday, May 20, during the suspension of the campaign in Augusta, Georgia, Governor of Georgia’s hopeful David Perdue poses with former President Donald Trump’s cardboard clippings.Warren Rojas / Insider

  • David Perdue challenges incumbent Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in the May 24 primary.

  • Trump suggests that the MAGA world could stay home in November if Purdue loses.

  • MAGA voters have accused Kemp of being “Judas,” “traitor,” and “liar.”

Georgia Augusta-Georgia Republicans are the next GOP governor to support Trump candidate former Senator David Perdue more than ever for incumbent Governor Brian Kemp for the 2020 presidential election. He states that if he loses his election, he should not participate in the November elections.

Hostility to Kemp, described by some MAGA Republicans as “Judas” and “traitor” to prove Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, is unlikely to affect the results of the May 24 primary. is. However, with Trump’s help, Kemp is expected to rematch with Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams, who is presumed to be the woman who was slightly beaten in 2018, which could undermine Kemp’s chances. I have.

“I don’t want Stacey Abrams, but I don’t think I can vote for Brian Kemp,” a 27-year-old resident of Gordon County, who didn’t reveal his name, told insiders at a “Trump Bikers” rally. .. 1 hour north of Atlanta.

A local Republican who accused Kemp of “overthrowing and crucifying the country” in the last election said he was planning to vote for Purdue on Tuesday. Playing cards support A former Georgian senator has vowed to hold everyone involved in the “illegal stolen” presidential elections accountable if he is elected.

Earlier that day, the 81-year-old Georgian, who said he had voted for the Republican Party since 1964, couldn’t even say the name of Kemp or the name of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rafenspurger.

“I don’t vote for either. They’re not Republicans. They’re liars,” said David, who refused to offer his name, at Purdue’s May 20th event at a rural airfield. I said in. He added that Kemp and Rafence Purger “played cards in Georgia” because they did not investigate the satisfactory results of the impeached former president.

Kemp and Raffensperger conducted and oversaw state-wide audits Recount of over 5 million votes Georgians ran for the 2020 presidential election. Biden defeated Trump there with about 12,000 votes.

Amy Steigerwalt, a professor of political science at Georgia State University, said the 2020 race was all over except for the most trampist locals. “Most voters know that all recounts and audits showed that the elections were fair and transparent, and that there was no evidence of fraud or fraud,” she told insiders.

Still, Trump mentioned earlier this month that his followers may not participate in the governor’s race. CNN report During the call-in rally he went to for Purdue, he said, “Many Republicans aren’t going to vote for Kemp.”

Robert Weinger, Georgia, wearing a Trump 2020 T-shirt and a Trump 2024 ball cap, poses for the May 20 photo at the Governor's rally in Augusta, Georgia. While taking it, I have a ceremonial Schofer horn in my right hand.

David Perdue supporter Robert Wayne will lift his custom shofer at a campaign event in Augusta, Georgia on Friday, May 20th.Warren Rojas / Insider

That prediction is approaching reality as an opposition Purdue Recent polling to show that Kemp has a 30 point lead We will continue to drive Republican voters to vote for Tuesday’s primary.

“I encourage anyone worried about the future of our state and country to go out and vote on either side,” he told supporters on Friday. rice field. Please vote on the other side. “

Regardless of Tuesday’s results, Purdural attendee Robert Wayne, 70, said his mind was set around November.

“I don’t vote for Governor Kemp,” he said.

“Anyone can defeat Stacey Abrams,” Weinger said. “She is a scam.”

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