Georgia Sheriff was charged with sexual assault after groping for a prominent Atlanta judge

The Cobb County Solicitors Office has officially charged the Georgia Sheriff, who was accused of groping for a prominent former judge.

Prosecutors said former Bleckley County Sheriff Chris Coody groped for Judge Glenda Hatchett at a Sheriffs’ meeting earlier this year.

Channel 2 Cobb County Director Michelle Newwell I spoke to Thomas Browne, a former sheriff in DeKalb County, who is listed as a witness to the incident.

Brown said he had to physically intervene, not just a witness.

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Brown said that remembering that day would bring back a lot of anxiety.

Brown said Hatchet was a guest at the meeting and Coody groped for Hatchet while introducing her to the sheriff at the Renaissance Atlanta Waybury Bar.

Brown said three sheriffs, including Coody and the president of the Georgia Sheriffs Association, ran for office. Brown said he turned away when Coody and Hatchet were talking.

“When I turned to the left and focused on them, I saw his hands hanging on her left chest,” Brown said. “I grabbed his arm and threw it out of her chest and basically said,” What do you think you are doing (with adjectives)? ” That’s basically where it’s done. “

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Brown was so angry that his first reaction was to do more than let go of her.

“I was clearly upset because she was there as my guest,” Brown said. “Clearly angry. He was clearly drunk.”

Brown said Hatchet told him that the incident had shocked her.

“Then she had a tough time with it,” Brown said.

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Brown immediately took Hatchet out of the room and said he had a tough conversation with Coody the next day.

Since then, Coody has been charged with sexual assault.

Channel 2 Action News She just wanted to tell her story, so she only identified Hackett as a victim.

“She is very passionate about telling her story at some point, unless for other reasons. For hundreds of women and women who may have been victims of sexual assault. That’s right, “Brown said.

Newell tried to contact Coody but couldn’t. Channel 2 Action News received a statement after the sheriff’s office and Coody moved together. Coody said he would take the charges seriously and comply with all legal obligations imposed on him.

Coody said it was inappropriate to contact Hatchet, but he was looking forward to personally expressing his regrets for the crime at the right time.

Brown said he intended to publish the story because he wanted the judicial system to be respected.

“I felt like I had to say something because of the accusation. It wasn’t sealed,” Brown said. “The judge had no problem opening it because she’s getting stronger now.”