Georgia was “terrifying” by Maricopa County officials when Mr. Trump called after the 2020 elections.

The White House repeatedly called in the weeks following the 2020 elections. But the recipient, Maricopa County’s top supervisor, isn’t keen to get involved in what he feared was preparing for a conversation about finding a scam that officials believed didn’t exist. was.

Clint Hickman, a 56-year-old lifelong Republican who chaired the populous Arizona county, said he was “terrifying” in early January after a controversial audit in the 2020 elections. I explained about recognition.Reveal the former President Donald Trump I tried to put pressure on Georgia’s Secretary of State Blood LafencelocateEnough votes to exceed President Joe Biden’s victory margin.

The call is currently being scrutinized as part of a criminal investigation into Trump’s efforts to overturn the outcome of the November 3 elections in Fulton County.

Hickman says he ignored the call from the White House. But like Georgia, Arizona was definitely a red state, slightly on the road to Biden in 2020. Interviews, text messages, and voice emails Arizona Central Show that Trump wanted to chat — some of Trump’s most enthusiastic allies have questioned and pressured members of the Maricopa County Oversight Board to interfere with the outcome.

Hickman, who chaired the board during the 2020 election cycle, was first exposed to the possibility of calling Trump on November 13, hours after the ballot update from Maricopa County was clinched. I noticed. Biden Victory in the state. Arizona Republican Chairman Kelli Ward told him that night, “POTUS is probably calling you.”

To win 2022, Republicans need to look at past Trump and his election delusions

“I can’t talk about the proceedings,” Hickman told Ward. This seems to be a reference to the proceedings filed by the Trump campaign and its allies after the election. The Republican chair said it wasn’t the reason for the phone call.

“It’s just check-in from the President of the United States,” she writes. “That is, I think I can / should answer the phone.”

A phone call from the White House switchboard came on New Year’s Eve. Hickman said he didn’t answer the phone, and the operator left a voicemail he didn’t return and later deleted it.

On January 2, it was reported that Trump tried to put pressure on him. Fence Purger To “find 11,780 votes” by referring to the number of Trump wins in the state. Hickman heard the audio the day after January 3rd and said it left him “terrifying.”

Later that night, he received another call from the White House and released it to voicemail.

“Hello Sir. This is the White House operator. I was calling to let you know that the president could answer your phone if you were free,” Voicemail said. It was. “I would appreciate it if you could call me. Good evening.”

Hickman said he didn’t call back because he suspected that Trump would do what he did to La Fence Purger.

“I didn’t want to step into that space,” Hickman said. “I’m not going to record the president, so I’m not going to talk to him … I didn’t want to make a very rough call to my house on Sunday night.”

By phone with La Fence The audio has been released “I knew what they did. You didn’t report it. It’s a criminal offense and you can’t cause it. It’s not possible to cause it.” It’s a big risk. “

He told the Secretary of State: Because I won the state. “

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s office is investigating the phone, and La Fence Purger said he cooperate Please contact us.

The battle for Maricopa County is not over yet.

The Republican-led Senate Arizona has commissioned an audit of the contest, which began after a court sparring with the county, and the findings will be released later this summer. Maricopa County Officials And Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbes He has repeatedly expressed concern about auditing.

Critics commented that the results of two previous election machine audits conducted for the Maricopa County Supervisory Board Irregularity In the county’s 2020 elections.There was also a recount of ballot samples, but it wasn’t. If there is a problem..

Hickman publicly defended his county’s voting system, but called for the 2020 election experience and involved threatening murder, he said, “a messy time.”

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“No one really understands what our job as a sworn civil servant is, partly to protect secret ballots,” Hickman said. “We sought to protect the processes and procedures that the county uses to aggregate votes.”

“This was a really difficult time for my civil servants. That’s all I can say,” he added. “I didn’t do public service for this.”

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