Georgian businessman announces major challenge to Marjorie Taylor Greene


NS Georgian businessmen announced Wednesday that they are taking on a major Republican challenge to Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Jennifer Strahan, CEO of Healthcare Advisory Farm J. Osley & Co., Said In her 2022 campaign video She says the people of Washington are tired of putting themselves in front of the country. She describes herself as a political outsider who knows how to overcome difficult problems.

Georgia Parliamentarians test medical marijuana

“It’s easy to identify the problem. It’s much harder to come up with a solution. That’s why I’m running for Congress,” Strahan said in her video.

Strahan has gun rights, freedom of speech, Religious freedom. She also army And that police..

Since taking office as US House of Representatives in the 14th Parliamentary District of Georgia in January, Green has established itself as a conservative fire brand and a vocal supporter of Trump. February, House Democratic Party Deprived of Green Commission duties About the interaction between her past incendiary statements and social media.

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The Washington Examiner asked Strahan and Green for comment.

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