Georgian convict on death row demands last meal before execution next week

According to the Georgia Correctional Bureau, an eight-year-old girl was killed in 1976, and a Georgian convict on death row, who was executed for the rape of a ten-year-old girl, demanded a last meal.

Virgil Delano Presnell, Jr., will be executed on May 17, 1976 at 7 pm on May 17, 1976, for kidnapping and attacking two girls who returned home from a school in Cobb County, a suburb of Atlanta. is.

Presnell asked for four burgers, four french fries, two vanilla milk shakes, four sodas, eight pieces of chicken buckets, potato salad and two vanilla ice creams as his last meal.

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Death prisoners can usually ask for a last meal before execution.

Presnell will be the first person to be executed by Georgia since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. He was last executed in Georgia in January 2020 at Donnie Cleveland Lance. Georgia uses injections of sedative pentobarbital to execute the death penalty.

Virgil was convicted and sentenced to death in August 1976 for malicious murder, kidnapping, and rape. His death sentence was overturned in 1992, but was revived in March 1999.

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Presnell stakes an elementary school in Cobb County on May 3, 1976, and saw a 10-year-old girl walk home on a forest path. He returned home the next day and was kidnapped when the girl and her eight-year-old friend, Lorient Smith, walked down the sidewalk, according to evidence in the trial outlined in the Georgia Supreme Court’s ruling.

He said he took the two girls to remote woodlands, undressed them, and raped the older girl. The young girl tried to take her to her car, but Presnell caught her and pushed her face into the water in her stream, drowning her.

Presnell then trapped the older girl in the trunk of the car, started driving, and dropped her into the woods when she punctured. All in all, Presnell forced her to engage in sexual activity many times, the ruling says.

Presnell said he would return to the girl, but she heard a sound from a nearby gas station and walked there. She explained Presnell and his flat tire to the police. Police found him changing tires in an apartment near where he left the older girl.

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Initially, Presnell denied everything, but later he led police to the body of an eight-year-old girl and confessed, the ruling said. Police found a pistol and child pornography showing a young girl in his bedroom.

Presnell’s lawyer said in court filings that Presnell was born to a teenage mother who drank and smoked throughout her pregnancy. Presnell suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome, which damaged his brain and “prevented him from growing into a functional and responsible adult,” his lawyer claimed.

“It’s quite difficult to know how he grew up to be an adult with a serious disability, coupled with his childhood, which is characterized by ongoing violence, alcoholism, sexual and physical abuse. No, he wrote in a filing claiming that his decision was unconstitutional.

His lawyer filed an urgent motion to postpone Presnell’s execution.