Georgian man sentenced to death commits suicide in prison


Jackson, Georgia (AP) — A Georgian man sentenced to death for the killing of two corrective officers during an escape attempt five years ago died in an apparent suicide prison, corrective officials said. rice field.

Prison guards found Ricky Dubose unresponsive in Jackson’s Georgia diagnosis and classification prison cell at around 4:45 pm on Sunday, according to a corrections bureau news release. Security guards sought medical assistance and began to provide assistance.Prison coroner declared Dubose dead at 5:56 pm

Dubose, 29, was sentenced to death on June 16 after being convicted of shooting Sgt in June 2017. Christopher Monica and Sgt. Curtisville.

Dubose and Donnie Rowe were traveling between prisons with other prisoners when they escaped from the bus after killing two guards in Putnam County, southeastern Atlanta, on June 13, 2017. He was arrested in Tennessee a few days later.

Dubose was accused of firing a gun and killing a police officer after he and Rowe slipped out of handcuffs and broke through an unlocked gate in front of the bus. Prosecutors say Dubose grabbed one of the policeman’s weapons and shot both the guard’s Monica and the driver, Bill’s head. Security cameras on the bus recorded a violent escape, and about 30 other prisoners witnessed the killings.

Rowe was convicted of murder in September. After the jury could not agree whether he should be sentenced to death, the judge sentenced him to life imprisonment without parole.

The Corrections Bureau is working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate the standard procedure of Dubose’s death.