Geraldo Rivera calls Fox News colleague Greg Gutfeld “insulting punk” in the debate over abortion

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera calls his colleague Greg Gutfeld an

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera “insults” his colleague Greg Gutfeld after Gutfeld ridiculed fears that women would be forced to have an abortion in the back alleys if the Roe v. Wade case was overturned. I called it “a punk” (screen grab)

Fox news Correspondent Geraldo Rivera Breaking the ranks again with his fellow experts and calling a colleague Greg Gutfeld For his comment above abortion..

The exchange took place two days later Politico Bomb report that leaked Supreme Court ruling draft showed intention to overturn Roe v. WadeA groundbreaking decision to protect Right to abortion At the federal level in the United States.

The incident began when Gatfeld began attacking pro-choice supporters, saying that women who support abortion were “more worried about what they would lose than they would get.” ..

“Abortion-right mom can see her adorable two-year-old child and think in 2022 that” my life is nothing without her. ” [But] In 2017, when she was young, single and had no children, she could only imagine her loss of freedom. right? That’s the problem, “he said.

Fox News hosts have ruled out the fact that women who already have children want many abortions.

Gutfeld told Rivera that the news was “celebrating, cherishing, screaming.” Because, in his estimation, American women should accept motherhood.

Rivera counterattacked, arguing that motherhood should be voluntary.

“It’s Barony. It’s Barony. Do you value the wire hangers piercing their private?” Rivera said, referring to the dangerous self-abuse practices women previously relied on. Roe v. Wade..

Gutfeld ridiculed Rivera’s sympathetic plea on behalf of a woman who was forced to seek an abortion on the back alley before the ruling.

“You are arrogant … you insult punk,” he said.

Early in the segment, Rivera claimed to favor women with abortion rights.

“Am I now trying to tell my daughters that they can’t control their bodies? Does that mean they can’t make those choices on their own?” He asked. “An old man who is hungry in another state [make that choice for you]?? “

Fox News viewers attacked Rivera on social media after the debate, but he was praised by the liberals for standing up for his beliefs and women’s rights.