Geraldo Rivera praises Bill Cosby’s release after being “unfairly convicted” and suggests that Waynestein has the following possibilities:

Geraldo Rivera approved Bill Cosby’s release from prison after a “grotesque-unfair” proceeding, adding that Harvey Weinstein could:

In 2018, lawyer Rivera described Cosby as “a sexual predator who left a mark of human misery and despair,” and the judge “overturned his conviction because he crossed the border.” He said he wrote a note to himself, predicting that. By allowing the testimony of unrelated victims. “

“What they did to this guy was mob justice,” he said in an American report on Fox News with John Roberts and Sandra Smith. “First of all, the previous state [district attorney] If he testified in a civil testimony, they promised not to file a criminal procedure against him. It was a clear agreement he had with a former district attorney. It’s number one. Second place seemed to me to be mob justice, as it was so grotesque unfair to bring five unrelated victims to testify to him. It was. “

Why was Bill Cosby released from prison?Explanation of legal experts

“How is he going to regain the last two years he lost?” Rivera added, “this should never have happened.”

When asked by John Roberts about how whistleblowers get a sense of justice, Rivera said, “Our heart is directed at these victims.”

“They should have gone to the prosecution when the case was ripe for justice. They now do not have a sense of moral fulfillment or rehabilitation or repair of the damage this man probably did to them. Unfortunately, it’s not a method The criminal justice system is working. ” “Our system has whistleblowers, evidence, evidence is testified by the defense, and a jury or judge decides it. In this case, they are people unrelated to this victim. Why only 5 people? Why not 50? Why didn’t all of the 50 you say were hurt by this monster? … In this case, [the prosecutors] Decorated [Cosby’s alleged wrongdoing] In an illegal way “

Cosby was accused of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand. He said the encounter happened in 2004.Bruce Caster, known for him defense In the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, he was a district attorney in Montgomery County at the time, claiming that there was not enough evidence to convict Cosby for criminal liability. He then traded with Cosby not to prosecute him for criminal accusations in exchange for his testimony in a civil lawsuit.

Cosby testified to himself in a civil lawsuit, the testimony record was opened in 2015, and new prosecutors were urged to use them to file criminal accusations against Cosby. Two trials were held, in which five whistleblowers testified to Cosby about an unrelated case of sexual misconduct. Cosby was convicted in 2018 and sentenced to three to ten years in prison.

Wednesday, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Decision The criminal conviction violated the agreement with Cosby’s caster. The move, Rivera said, that Cosby was released could lead to similar progress in Weinstein’s case.

“This will be reflected in Harvey Weinstein’s appeal,” he said. “They may be monsters. # MeToo may have tightened justice justice in either case, but that’s not the way the criminal justice system works … Bill Cosby, I tell you : You can spit on him [and] In my opinion, he was unfairly convicted. “

Wayne Stein’s Lawyer Convicted In February 2020, one post-trial sexual assault and three rapes in the Manhattan Supreme Court appealed a 23-year sentence in April this year.

“Simply put, the prosecution tried Weinstein’s character, not his actions,” Weinstein’s lawyer said. I have written In an appeal.

Waynestein, his conviction was celebrated by #Me too The movement also faces pending accusations filed by the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office in January 2020, where he raped one woman and sexually assaulted another in two days of 2013. Claims to have done.

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Weinstein’s lawyer said he was encouraged by the release of Cosby.

“In overturning Bill Cosby’s conviction, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has made the right decision in accordance with the law, regardless of the nature of the alleged crime, no matter who the defendant is.” Said In the statement. “This decision also reaffirms our belief that the New York Department of Appeals will reach a similarly correct decision in Harvey Weinstein’s appeal, given the abundance of issues calling for a reversal. “

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