Geraldo Rivera scolds Sean Hannity for “deep and insulting” ads attacking Joe Biden

Fox News Sean Hannity was taken to work at his own show Geraldo Rivera For airing an offensive ad accusing President Joe Biden of cognitive decline.

Hannity Right-wing issues Biden shows footage of a long-standing presidential speech New spots announced by the Republican National Committee It highlighted his pause at a recent marathon press conference.

“I think the montage of the 46th president was very insulting and very political,” Rivera, a veteran expert on conservative networks, told Hannity on Tuesday.

However, conservative commentator Dan Bongino favored fellow Donald Trump’s acolyte Hannity. “I can’t believe you’ll die on this hill,” he told Rivera, adding: It’s a dying argument. “

Rivera accused Bongino of being “shocking and ridiculous,” calling it just a “political diagnosis.”

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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