Gerber is looking for a new baby to receive $ 25,000.Click here for how to apply

Hey, parents! If you think your child has star qualities, Gerber has some very good news — the company has started searching for “spokes baby” this year.

Baby food companies are celebrating the 11th year of the photo contest.

Your child Within 48 months And with “infectious giggles,” “shining personality,” and “ability to melt your heart,” 2021 may be the year your child will be in the limelight.

Winners of the photo contest will be featured on Gerber’s social media accounts and marketing campaigns and will receive a $ 25,000 prize and a collection of Gerber products.

Do you think your baby has what it needs?

visit By May 10th, we will upload your favorite photos and videos that will highlight your child’s personality.

Babies can only be submitted by them Parent or legal guardian, Listed in the rules, each baby can only be submitted once.

Parents and legal guardians must have taken photos or videos submitted between April 27th and May 10th.

Professional photos and videos are banned and babies must be “properly dressed,” Gerber said. Parents should also avoid using filters and retouching photos.

The company said submissions will be judged on several factors, including “children’s visual appeal,” children’s expressiveness, and consistency with Gerber’s “something for babies” mission. ..

Finalists will be notified by email before the judges choose a winner.

You can see the complete rule Here..

According to Gerber, this year’s winner will also be the brand’s first “Chief Growing Officer.” Honorary executives will be responsible for a range of tasks, including tasting new baby food and serving as Gerber’s CEO for a day.

Last year’s winner was Magnolia Earl.Happy and fun1 year old from Los Angeles, California.

Magnolia won the jury for “a fun look, a playful smile, and a warm and attractive look.” The company has received over 327,000 entries.

If you think your baby is a star material, click Here Submit a photo, answer a few questions and explain why your baby is a star.

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