German employers not allowed to request vaccination status of workers: Minister of Labor


On Wednesday, the German government rejected the proposal to give employers the right to find out if employees were vaccinated. CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus..

Hubertus Heil, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, said Germany has strict privacy laws that prevent employers from displaying such information, but at high risk of transmitting the CCP virus. I agreed that the place needed a practical solution. Hospitals and prisons.

“We must act according to the rule of law. Acting under the rule of law means that the employer does not have the right to obtain information about health data …[and] Also, this is so personal data that we are not allowed to view employee medical records, “Heil said when talking to the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters. RT was reported..

Laws have not yet been passed for “high risk” locations, but in the future employees must indicate that they are vaccinated, have recently been negative, or have recovered from the CCP virus. It may not be. ..

However, German privacy law was exempted in August, allowing the restaurant to reopen. Staff and customers need to prove that they have been vaccinated or have recently tested negative.

Heil’s statement was in line with the Cabinet’s agreement on September 1, stating that employers must allow employees leave to be vaccinated. Companies that decide on these measures can take into account the immunization status of their staff if they know it.

Christine Lambrecht, Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, told the Funkemedia Group that people’s health information is personal and confidential, but she finds it dangerous to give this information to her employer. I agreed that it might be possible.

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Christine Lambrecht, Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection of the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, held in Berlin, Germany, August 19, 2021. (Gerald Matzka / Getty Images) “Employee health information is particularly sensitive, and the issue of vaccination against the coronavirus is part of it,” said Lambrecht.

Germany, one of the lowest per capita mortality rates in Europe, has so far refused forced immunization, saying such legislation would undermine public confidence. I am. In many countries, including the United States and France, COVID-19 vaccination is already mandatory for medical staff and public sector workers.

In France, anger at the new CCP virus rules has sparked national protests, with tens of thousands of people going out on the streets for weeks in a row, accusing the government of overkill and restrictions on people’s freedom.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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