German minister wants patient to transfer “wake-up call”

Berlin (AP) —German Health Minister said Saturday as an Air Force plane transporting patients nationwide as a “call for awakening” to millions of people who are still refraining from vaccination with COVID-19. He said he wanted to work.

Health Minister Jens Spawn said last week that the number of people taking the first shot was welcomed, with 450,000 recorded.He put it into pressure from the deterioration of Germany coronavirus Increasing demands on the situation and people to provide evidence of vaccination or recent recovery to participate in many activities.

But that’s still not enough, “this figure of about 12 million unvaccinated adults is still far too high,” Spahn said at an online town hall event. So far, 68.4% of the 83 million population has been fully vaccinated, below the government’s 75% minimum. There are big differences depending on the region.

Hospitals in the southern and eastern regions of Germany have warned that there is a shortage of intensive care units due to the large number of COVID-19 patients with serious illness. Germany needs to organize the first large-scale transfer of patients in the country, including military support, since the outbreak began in early 2020.

“I hope this gives a lot of people a wake-up call that vaccination is pretty good,” Spahn said.

In Germany, coronavirus infections have been constantly increasing in recent weeks, and infection rates have reached new highs every day. On Saturday, 444.3 new cases occurred per 100,000 residents in the last 7 days.Germany known COVID-19 Number of deaths Climbed up 100,000 On thursday.

The new government is scheduled to take over in early December and has been accused of paralyzing Germany’s response to the pandemic during the transition period.


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