German Navy chief resigns in response to Ukrainian comments

Berlin (AP) — The head of the German Navy resigned late Saturday after firing at home and abroad for comments he made about Ukraine and Russia.

At an event in India on Friday, Deputy Admiral Kay Ahim Schoenbach said Ukraine would not regain the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia had annexed in 2014. Schönbach also said it was important to put Russia on the same side of China, and Russian President Vladimir Putin deserves “respect”.

His comment captured in the video caused anger in Ukraine, which called on the German ambassador to complain. They also caused astonishment and swift rebuke in Berlin.

By the end of Saturday, Schönbach had called for his dismissal, hoping to prevent further damage to Germany and its troops from his “indiscreet remarks.”

In a statement, the German Navy stated that Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht had accepted Schönbach’s resignation and appointed his deputy as interim Navy Commander-in-Chief.

The German government claims to be united with NATO’s allies on the issue of Russia’s military threat to Ukraine and warns that if Moscow takes military action against its neighbors, it will pay a large sum. .. But unlike many other NATO countries, Berlin says it will not supply Ukraine with deadly weapons and does not want to exacerbate tensions.