German politicians call on German taxpayers to stop funding Confucius Institute with money

Recently, top German politicians held an online conference to discuss the global impact of the Confucius Institute (CI) of the Chinese Communist Party and called on German taxpayers to stop funding.

According to the German media Donaukurier, the Ingolstadt Action Alliance for Human Rights and the World Uyghur Congress will continue to support the city’s Audi Confusius Institute with city funding. Co-sponsored an online conference prior to the next vote. It will be held on May 11th.

Prominent German politicians, including members of the Bundestag (German Bundestag), including Margarete Bose (Greens), Martin Patzert (CDU), Vice President of Landtag (Bavarian Parliament) Marx Linderspurcher (SPD) Gave a talk at the online conference on April 24th. ), With Ursula Dusolt of the International Human Rights Association (ISHR) and Karl Ettinger (FDP), Ingolstadt City Councilor. According to Donaukurier’s report, more than 20 Ingolstadt city council members from all political parties attended the meeting.

Given the increasing human rights abuses of the Chinese administration against opposition and ethnic groups, which are contrary to German values, the Panel said German CIs should no longer be supported by German taxpayer money.

In recent years, the Confucius Institute in China has faced increasing opposition in the international community due to concerns over its close relationship with the Chinese administration.

CI operates under the Ministry of Education and under the Chinese government agency Hanban. They promote communist ideology and the CCP agenda, including censorship of topics that the administration considers sensitive, such as Falun Gong practitioners, Uighurs, Tibetan Buddhist persecution, and the Tiananmen Square incident.

Currently, there are 19 Confucius Institutes in Germany. Among them, the Confucius Institute in Ingolstadt, Bavaria was founded and sponsored by the German automobile manufacturer Audi Group and the city government of Ingolstadt, where Audi’s headquarters are located. It is known as the world’s first “Technical Confucius Institute”. It is also the world’s first Confucius Institute, funded and built by a multinational corporation.

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Audi CEO Rupert Stadler will speak at the company’s annual press conference in Ingolstadt, Germany, on March 15, 2018. (Michael Dalder / File Photo / Reuters)

Conference attendees were critical of interacting with CIs around the world and were particularly concerned about the impact of CIs in Germany and Bavaria. There are three CIs: Munich, Nuremberg-Erlangen and Ingolstadt.

The Audi Confucius Institute has maintained close economic ties with China, mainly like the VW Group, and has been from the city budget of Ingolstadt for five years at the request of Audi, which is concerned about its existence in China. We have raised € 50,000 ($ 60,600). According to Donau Clie, the Chinese market.

Margarete Bose, chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid, said the CI issue was “coming soon.” She clearly pleaded that the Confucius Institute “should not be covered by German taxes.” She said the CI represents communist China and “cannot criticize or accept intervention.” It has been proven that they are putting pressure on others over and over again to silence the different voices they dislike.

Martin Patzelt, who is also a member of the Federal Parliamentary Commission on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid, has sharply criticized the Chinese administration’s institutions behind CI. He said he couldn’t tell the local city council what to do and didn’t want to, but he said, “Are you taking a wolf in sheep’s clothes to the city and letting it go around?” I wanted to ask. He added that the CI represents the ideology of the Chinese Communist Party’s administration, which is at odds with the liberal democratic community and academia.

Bavarian Parliamentary Vice President Markus Rinderspacher warned against China’s “attractive attack”, noting that it was not a “friendly tea ceremony” but an indoctrination of disguised idealism. He said he couldn’t fully understand why Bayern was financially backing a strong global economy like China.

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The Audi A4 was unveiled at the China Motor Show held in Beijing on June 9, 2004. (Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images)

The special situation in Ingolstadt in the interests of the Audi Group poses practical questions to the locals. “Can you afford to say no?”

Margarete Bose has indicated resistance by suspending funding for Audi CI. “In the end, Audi and VW hurt themselves with their strategy [of collaborating with the Chinese regime] Because their image is spoiled, “she said. Martin Patzert said the situation in Ingolstadt represents “the conflict we have in Germany.” Western values ​​of freedom are too often sacrificed for economic gain in dealing with China.

FDP city council member Karl Ettinger said after the online meeting, further municipal funding for the Confucius Institute in Ingolstadt is no longer certain and will wait for what will happen on May 11.

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