German President vaccinated with AstraZeneca

Berlin — The German president was vaccinated with an injection of AstraZeneca. This is a sign of confidence in the vaccine after the country has restricted the use of the vaccine to people under the age of 60.

Cheong Wa Dae said in a statement that 65-year-old President Frank Walter Steinmeier was first shot at a hospital in Berlin on Thursday.

On Tuesday, an independent German Vaccine Expert Committee should not regularly administer the AstraZeneca vaccine to children under the age of 60 due to an increasing number of reports of abnormal blood clots in the days following vaccination. Said.

The German government followed the recommendations and said the vaccine would be prioritized for people over the age of 60. Later, in some areas, including Berlin, people between the ages of 60 and 70, who had previously faced long waiting times, began vaccination.

66-year-old Chancellor Angela Merkel said this week she was ready to vaccinate AstraZeneca. However, it is not yet clear when that will happen.


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Rome — Italian doctors and nurses who refuse to be vaccinated against the coronavirus may be reassigned or suspended under new government-approved legislation.

The Italian Cabinet passed the bill late Wednesday as part of the latest COVID-19 containment provisions. Outbreaks in several recent hospitals included the obligation for health care workers to be vaccinated after being accused by unfired personnel.

Italy prioritizes vaccination of healthcare professionals, with 3 million of the 10 million doses given to healthcare professionals. Health Minister Roberto Speranza said the majority of health care workers agreed to get a free vaccine, but there were some problems.

Another measure included in the decree excludes criminal liability to medical personnel who manage shots if vaccinations are done correctly. Some Italian practitioners have avoided vaccination for fear of legal exposure if patients experience side effects.


The Prime Minister of Paris-France defended the government’s plan to close schools for at least three weeks and ban domestic travel for a month to delay the resurgence of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Jean Castex led parliamentary debate on new national measures as the French House of Representatives prepared to vote for them on Thursday.

Castex told lawmakers that the government acted “consistently and practically.”

Opposition parties were expected to boycott the vote. Left-wing disobedient French party Jean-Luc Melenchon accused it of being a “bad April Fool’s” prank.

Although schools in France are temporarily closed, Castex has confirmed assistance to families with children who rely on free school lunches.


Berlin-German Health Minister says he will start vaccination with the coronavirus vaccine in the clinic next week.

Health Minister Jens Spahn told reporters in Berlin on Thursday that about 940,000 vaccines will be delivered to about 35,000 clinics next week.

He said the number of weekly doses supplied to doctors would increase to about 3 million at the end of April.

Germany hopes to significantly strengthen its vaccine campaign next week.

According to government statistics, 11.6% of the population has been vaccinated at least once, and 5% of the population has been vaccinated with both.

Earlier this week, German health officials stopped daily use of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine for people under the age of 60, fearing that young patients may have a lower risk of rare blood clots. I decided that.


Hong Kong — Hong Kong will resume administration of the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech on Monday after a 12-day suspension of packaging defects detected in one batch, officials said.

Civil servant Patrick Nip said Thursday that an additional 300,000 doses of vaccine are expected to arrive on Friday.

Health officials said a BioNTech study found no safety issues in batches with packaging defects in some vials and in other unused batches of vaccines.

“We don’t think the general public who have been vaccinated with BioNTech need to worry because we don’t think BioNTech will affect the effectiveness of the vaccine,” said Constance Chan, director of health in Hong Kong.

Random checks will also be strengthened to ensure that vaccine packaging is safe, she said.

Packaging defects included loose caps and leaks from some bottles. Prior to the suspension, about 151,000 people were vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine in the city.

Apart from the Pfizer vaccine, Hong Kong residents have the option of receiving Chinese-made Sinovac shots, but vaccination acceptance has declined after reports of several people with chronic illness dying after vaccination.

Hong Kong officials say death is not directly related to the vaccine.


London-According to the UK Census Bureau, about 1.1 million people in the UK reported early March that they had symptoms commonly associated with long COVID, such as fatigue and shortness of breath.

In a survey of 362,000 people living in private households, the National Bureau of Statistics has the highest prevalence among people aged 35-69, women, people living in the most disadvantaged areas, or people working in health and social care, and individuals. I found that. Accompanied by health conditions that limit existing activities.

Not all people surveyed have tested positive for the virus.

In a subsample assessment of 20,000 virus-positive individuals between April 26, 2020 and March 6, 2021, authorities said 13.7% had symptoms commonly associated with COVID that were at least 12 weeks longer. I found that I continue to experience.

In another study from February 17th to March 14th, authorities found that about 22% of black or black British adults were hesitant to get the coronavirus vaccine. This is about half the level of hesitation found by agencies during the period January 13th to February 7th.


Berlin-German Health Minister personally says he will prepare “without hesitation” to vaccinate AstraZeneca, but it’s not his turn yet.

On Tuesday, an independent panel of German vaccination experts should give AstraZeneca shots regularly to children under the age of 60 due to an increasing number of reported cases of abnormal blood clots in the days following vaccination. Said not.

According to this recommendation, the German government has stated that vaccines are prioritized for people over the age of 60, but you can consult with your doctor to make an exception.

Health Minister Jens Spahn, 40, was asked Thursday if he was ready to get the vaccine. He replied: “Yes, I will be vaccinated without reservation and without hesitation in AstraZeneca.”

He said the case had to be viewed individually. There are situations where there is a risk of blood clots, but “I’m not aware of this risk without intensive consultation with my doctor, so I’m ready to vaccinate personally,” Spawn said. Stated.

But Spahn, who defended this week’s decision, said it was a bit far from being vaccinated.


Islamabad-Pakistan’s Minister of Planning and Development states that his country has imported one million doses of China National Pharmaceutical vaccine from China. This is the first purchase after the first donation.

500,000 doses arrived on Wednesday, with the rest arriving late Thursday.

The announcement by Assad Omar was made when Pakistan reported 4,974 new cases in the last 24 hours, the best one-day jump since June last year.

China began providing the vaccine to Pakistan in February, and since then only healthcare workers and the elderly have been injected.

To curb the spread of the disease, Pakistan has expanded a partial blockade in cities with high positive rates.

Pakistan reported 672,931 cases and 14,530 confirmed deaths.


Seoul, South Korea-South Korea is considering whether to approve a rapid coronavirus test that can be performed at home and produce near-immediate results as another tool for combating a pandemic.

Kwon Jun-wook, director of the National Institutes of Health, said Thursday that the virus is often transmitted by asymptomatic and mild people, so it is necessary to provide convenient and accessible tests that can be used on a regular basis. It was.

Health officials were previously reluctant to expand the use of rapid antigen testing and other forms of fast testing. This can produce results within 30 minutes, but is less accurate than a standard laboratory test.

But Kwon is struggling to slow the spread of the virus following a devastating winter surge, so the country may need more tools, about 300 to 500 new daily. He said cases have been reported.

He said that real-time PCR tests, which include medical professionals managing nasal and throat swabs and laboratory machines genetically analyzing samples, are the national gold standard, even if authorities approve official rapid tests. Said that it would continue to be.

South Korean officials also announced this month that the country will issue a smartphone app to confirm that people have been vaccinated. Prime Minister Jung Se-gyun has raised the possibility that the app could be used as a vaccine passport, but officials from the Korean Disease Control Agency agree on international standards for countries to first screen travelers for vaccination. He said it was necessary.


Beijing — China’s health officials say six more people were infected with COVID-19 in a city in southwestern China on the border with Myanmar. As a result, a total of 12 people have been confirmed in Ruili City, Yunnan Province over the past two days, including three Myanmar citizens.

The Yunnan Health Commission said Thursday that 23 other people tested positive for the coronavirus without showing any symptoms of the disease. Of these, 13 were Chinese and 10 were Myanmar citizens.

Authorities say more than 20,000 tests have been conducted so far. City officials will test the entire population of Rui Ling’s approximately 210,000 and demand that it be quarantined at home for a week.

The residential area where the infection was found has already been closed.

China has significantly eradicated local coronavirus infections and is taking strict measures with each new cluster emergence.


Anchorage, Alaska — People magazine reports that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has tested positive for the coronavirus and is urging people to pandemicly protect themselves, including wearing masks in public. I am.

It’s not clear when Palin tested positive, but the magazine quotes her as other members of her family also tested positive.

According to the magazine, Palin says her case shows that “anyone can catch this.” She warns and says people should “use common sense” to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and other viruses.


Quebec City — The Quebec government has blocked three cities in the province of Canada since Thursday following a surge in coronavirus infections.

Quebec Prime Minister François Legor announced on Wednesday that schools and non-essential businesses will be closed and curfew will move to Quebec City, Levis and Gatineau at 8 pm. He says the situation is alarming.

The new restrictions do not affect the Montreal region.

Canada’s most populous province of Ontario will announce new pandemic regulations on Thursday in a wave of new infections.

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