Germany approves weapons for Ukraine in a major reversal

Germany will allow the Netherlands to transfer 400 rocket-propelled grenade launchers to Ukraine, making a major difference to Berlin’s restrictive arms export policy. report..

Important reason: Germany has been severely criticized for months in responding to Russia’s attack on Ukraine.The government, due to its “historical responsibility”, prevented the transportation of weapons to conflict zones, formerly Blocked other NATO allies From transferring German-origin weapons to Ukraine.

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Big picture: Germany is the largest economy and most powerful country in the European Union, and its voice and policy position are important to the effectiveness of the Western response to Russia’s aggression.

  • Germany relies heavily on Russia’s natural gas, hindering discussions about imposing the strictest sanctions on Moscow for fear of economic and energy rebounds.

  • Due to the pressure of large public, including Ukrainian authorities, Germany appears to have withdrawn its opposition to many of the most difficult measures, including: Stop authentication Of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany

Notable points: The EU is working towards an agreement to separate Russia from the SWIFT financial system. This is a major step that Germany had previously opposed with Italy and Hungary.

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