Germany demands Hamas end terrorist attacks on Israel and condemns anti-Semitism

The German government has stated that Hamas terrorist groups must stop rocket attacks on Israel, and Germany “stands by Israel” and upholds its right to protect itself.

Berlin also denounced the anti-Semitic attack in Germany and called it “a shame for all of us.”

“We must stop the rocket attack by Hamas,” German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said at a news conference on Monday. “It’s a terrorist attack aimed at killing people unplanned. If the Israeli air defense system didn’t intercept many of them, or many didn’t crash in Gaza, the victims of the Israeli city The numbers will be even higher. That is exactly what Hamas is aiming for. “

Stephen Seibert
German government spokesman Stephensevibert speaks to the media after a virtual meeting between Merkel and the leaders of 16 German states on November 16, 2020 in Berlin.

“Germany stands by Israel in this situation and has the right to protect its population and protect itself,” he added.

Sabert accused Hamas of taking Palestinians hostage and accused both casualties.

“It’s tragic that many lives have to be mourned on both sides. And it’s Hamas taking Palestinians hostage from Gaza in this rocket terrorist attack from a densely populated area from a residential area. It’s ironic.

“Hamas knows that the rocket war against the Israeli people will not definitely resolve the Middle East conflict. This is the solution that so many people on both sides want so much. It’s a negotiating table. It will only be possible by returning to. “

Andrea Sass, a spokesman for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said at a press conference: “Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization in the European Union, and recent events again show why. That’s why we don’t talk to Hamas, and we now have our policy. I will not change it. “

“The recent hatred of Jews and anti-Semitism is shameful,” Saybert said, commenting on the surge in anti-Semitic attacks in Germany since the Middle East conflict began earlier this month.

Berlin Gaza
On May 9, 2021, police officers detained a person after a riot in Berlin, Germany, during a protest in support of Palestinians. (Christian Mang / Reuters)

“It’s especially exorbitant that an Israeli reporter was attacked beside a demonstration here in Berlin. I think it was Saturday.

“This is not only a very serious attack on press freedom, but it also shows that German Jews cannot move around as freely as the rights of all Germans in certain areas and under certain circumstances. This makes us angry and shameful for all of us. “

On May 12, German police detained more than 12 men in three cities suspected of damaging the synagogue, burning the Israeli flag and firing at a Jewish monument.

The German Interior Ministry said the next day that security agencies were hoping for “strengthening protests by German Palestinians and part of the leftist movement.”

Reuters contributed to this report.

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