Germany faces a “trust crisis” in a pandemic

Frankfurt, Germany-President Frank Walter Steinmeier said Germany is enduring a “crisis of trust” and “together” to survive the second Easter amid dissatisfaction with pandemic restrictions and government response. I urged him to “pull to”.

In the text of his speech, which aired on Saturday, Steinmeier admitted that there were “mistakes” regarding testing, digital solutions and vaccination.

“Trust — democracy is based on a very fragile understanding between citizens and nations.” You, the nation, play your role, I, the citizens, play my role, “he said. It was. “I know that you, as a citizen, are playing your part in this historic crisis. You have done a lot and went without a lot.”

“Your expectation of government officials is’to put it together.'”


Outbreak of virus:

— — Young experts are ahead of older Italians For vaccines

— UK Regulatory Report For 30 blood clots Link to AstraZeneca Jab

— Associated Press Photo: Seville, Spain Calm Easter Week

— — California accepts indoor sports and concerts As COVID cases plummet


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What else is happening:

London — UK drug regulators say they have identified 30 rare thrombotic events associated with the AstraZeneca corona virus vaccine, but emphasize that the benefits “continue to outweigh the risks.”

The Pharmaceutical and Medical Regulatory Agency said late Friday that the risks associated with this type of blood clot were “very small” and that the general public needed to continue to be vaccinated when the vaccine was provided.

Authorities said the case was related to the period until March 24. During that time, 18.1 million vaccines were given. Concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine have led to restrictions on the use of the vaccine in the elderly in some countries, including Canada, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The World Health Organization is urging countries to continue using jabs.


Rome-Tuscany’s eighties have lawyers, justices of the peace, professors and other young experts in front of them, despite the government’s pledge to prioritize the oldest citizens of Italy. I was watching over my vaccination with distrust and resentment.

Even some of their adult children jumped in front of them. According to one estimate, thousands of lives in Europe’s most populous and pandemic’s second-most deadly country, as Italy did not prioritize people over the age of 80 and in vulnerable health. Was lost.

When the elderly were pushed aside, more than a dozen prominent Tuscan seniors issued letters calling on authorities to say they were infringing on their medical rights as stipulated in the Italian Constitution. ..


Seville, Spain — Devout Roman Catholics in southern Spain would never have imagined April without the glitz and rituals of the Holy Week procession.

They will miss them in the second year as the coronavirus pandemics continue.

The streets of Seville and other Spanish cities went again without the celebrations of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday to commemorate the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. The infection rate of COVID-19 is still too high for groups to gather.

The 50-year-old Robert Luis, the extravagant Semana Santa, or the Holy Week procession shows the cycle of time in Seville. Without them, he feels uneasy.

“If Palm Sunday isn’t celebrated, you won’t wake up completely,” he said. “The year has no beginning or end. It’s like being trapped on Groundhog Day. Every day is like any other day. It’s a lost year.”


Seoul, South Korea-South Korea’s daily increase in coronavirus infection has exceeded 500 for the fourth straight day, as experts have expressed concern about another virus surge amid slow vaccine deployment. This is a pace not seen since January.

The 543 new cases reported by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency on Saturday resulted in a national number of 104,736 cases, including 1,740 deaths.

More than 320 of the new incidents came from the Seoul metropolitan area, where half of the country’s 51 million people live. There, authorities struggled to block transmissions tied to various locations such as bars, offices, factories, schools, and gymnasiums.

This week, health officials said they are considering approving a rapid coronavirus test that would allow people to test themselves regularly at home as they look for more tools to fight the virus. It was.

South Korea has been working on the slower deployment of vaccines than many other developed countries. Authorities argue that the outbreak is not as dire as in the United States and Europe, so a wait-and-see approach can be taken.


San Francisco — In California on Friday, the percentage of people who tested positive for the coronavirus was nearing a record low, paving the way for indoor concerts, theater performances, and NBA games for the first time in more than a year.

State authorities do not require vaccination testing or proof for some of these events, but limit the number of people who can attend. Events that require testing and vaccination are allowed to acquire more paid customers than events that do not. Only people living in California can participate in these live performances.

The rules are different for private indoor meetings such as weddings, meetings and meetings. These are only allowed if all guests tested negative for coronavirus at least 72 hours ago or showed evidence of complete vaccination.

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