Germany Hosts G7 Conference on Food Security Impact of Ukraine Invasion

German Food and Agriculture Minister Cem Oezdemir spoke to the media at the Greens Virtual Party Convention in Berlin on January 28, 2022. (Christian Mang / Reuters)

Berlin — Germany will host a virtual meeting of G7 agriculture ministers on Friday to discuss the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on global food security and how to best stabilize the food market, the government said.

Germany’s agricultural minister, Gem Ozdemir, said in a statement, “Germany and the European Union have a safe supply of food, but in some countries outside the EU, the shortage has already dominated, especially due to problems such as drought. In some countries, a larger shortage is expected. “

“Even in industrialized countries, the price increase of agricultural products cannot be ruled out.”

Germany is the replacement chair of the Group of Seven’s most advanced economies this year.

Russia calls its actions in Ukraine a “special operation” and states that it is designed not to occupy territory, but to destroy the military power of its southern neighbors and capture what it considers to be dangerous nationalists. I am.

Holger Hansen