Germany opposes Russia’s ban on energy imports

Robert Habeck, co-leader of the German Green Party, will give a speech at the German Green Party’s two-day party convention in Bielefeld, western Germany, on November 16, 2019. (InaFassbender / AFP via Getty Images)

Berlin-Germany’s Minister of Economy opposed Russia’s embargo on energy imports and said it could jeopardize the country’s social cohesion.

Germany gets about half of its coal and gas from Russia and one-third of its oil.

Germany’s deputy prime minister, Robert Habeck, said Thursday that he needed to be “freed from Russia’s energy imports,” but admitted that it would take time.

Harbeck told reporters in Berlin that the government is working on a series of steps to expedite energy self-sufficiency, including securing new suppliers and expanding the use of renewable energy.

He downplayed the proposal that Germany should extend the life of the remaining three nuclear power plants scheduled to be closed this year. But he left the possibility that this would be taken into account “if it helps”.

Mr Harbeck said the government would also work on energy efficiency measures to reduce demand and urged Germans to take action little by little.

“If you want to hurt Putin a little, save energy,” he said.

Associated Press