Germany shuts down NordStream2 gas pipeline

Berlin (AP) — Germany has taken steps to stop the certification process for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia, Prime Minister Olav Schortz took disciplinary action against Moscow against the Ukrainian crisis on Tuesday. He said he started taking it.

Schortz told reporters in Berlin that his government is taking steps in response to Moscow’s actions in Ukraine.

This decision is an important move for the German government, which has long resisted unplugging projects, despite pressure from the United States and some European countries.Washington has insisted on the building for years Another pipeline that carries natural gas from Russia to Germany Increase Europe’s reliance on Russia’s energy supply.

Mr Scholz said the government has decided to “re-evaluate” the certification of pipelines that are not yet in operation, taking into account the latest developments.

“I might say that, but it certainly will take time,” he said.

Germany meets about a quarter of its energy demand with natural gas. This percentage will increase over the next few years as the country shuts down the last three nuclear power plants and phased out the use of coal. About half of the natural gas used in Germany comes from Russia.

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