Get an answer from China about “disappearing dissidents”: Is China in an economic crisis?


Citizen journalist Zhang Zhan has been imprisoned since May 2020 after filming and reporting a COVID-19 pandemic from Wuhan. Zhisheng Gao, a Chinese human rights lawyer who has long defended the civil rights of activists and religious minorities, has “disappeared” since 2017.

What influence can the world use to free or “disappear” such people from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Why was a high level of retired CCP staff involved in the CCP to allow international tennis star Peng Shuai to speak freely about recent accusations of sexual assault?

The success of the Winter Olympics is an important factor in ensuring the durability and excellence of the Chinese Communist Party and in aiming for the re-election of Xi Jinping next year. However, increased global scrutiny of women’s exploitation and broader human rights abuses by the CCP could be a spanner in the party’s efforts towards the 2022 Olympic ambitions.

What are the signs of a downturn in China’s economy that could disrupt the success of this rapidly imminent global event?

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