Ghislaine Maxwell, who looks frail, first appears to plead not guilty of sexual trafficking

Ghislaine Maxwell was a close friend of the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein-Johanne Eisel / AFP via Getty Images

Ghislaine Maxwell was a close friend of the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein-Johanne Eisel / AFP via Getty Images

It was the day Ghislaine Maxwell had been waiting for nine months and thirteen days. It was an opportunity to sue her innocence in front of a packed New York court.

Accusations are usually a procedural issue, and Ms. Maxwell decided to have her moment in front of the judge, especially in Covid’s day when the accused chose to appear via a video link. ..

British socialites on Friday first appeared directly after being arrested in July after being given a rare permit by Judge Alison Nathan.

She pleaded not guilty to two new sex trafficking charges against her and spoke in a clipped British accent just to confirm that she understood the charges.

From 1994 to 1997, the 59-year-old woman was acquitted of recruiting and grooming a teenage girl to provide her former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein with an erotic massage. ..

Maxwell’s lawyer has alleged in various appeals for bail that she lost weight and lost her hair as a result of the condition of the “Kafkaesque” prison in Brooklyn Federal Prison.

She looked weaker than her last virtual appearance in July.

Wearing only a light baby blue T-shirt and a black track suit bottom, she crossed her arms tightly to warm a much smaller frame. As she listened to the judge, she ran into a black mop with shoulder-length hair-no longer the trademark pixie cut she became famous for.

A member of Maxwell’s family appeared in court for a hearing. Wearing a black beret, glasses and a face mask, it was believed to be one of her twin sisters living in the United States.

At some point, Ms. Maxwell began waving at them in a public gallery.

Her appearance was the first time she had been seen by a member of her family since she was arrested in a dawn attack at a house she shared with her husband Scott Bolgerson in New Hampshire in July.

Ghislaine Maxwell will be displayed via a video link between July 14, 2020-& # xa0; REUTERS / Jane Rosenberg / File Photo

Ghislaine Maxwell will be shown via video link during July 14, 2020-Reuters / Jane Rosenberg / File Photo

But American entrepreneur Bolgerson, 44, wasn’t found anywhere on Friday. Her lawyer, David Oscar Marx, didn’t say why he didn’t show up in support.

Little has been seen since Mr. Bolgerson resigned from his tech company CargoMetrics to avoid being “distracted”.

Defendant’s brother, Ian Maxwell, who launched a PR campaign to release his sister from custody after months of silence last month, was unable to travel from the UK due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Due to the coronavirus, most hearings in the Southern New York area are conducted via zoom or dial-in telephone lines.

However, Ms. Maxwell demanded that she appear directly after a January hearing held by Videolink was hijacked by 14,000 QAnon conspiracy theorists who illegally streamed the minutes on YouTube.

People in court had to undergo strict temperature checks and wear two masks.

Outside the Manhattan courthouse, protesters put up a banner stating “Epstein is the worst type of virus.”

Sources close to the Maxwell family wanted her appearance on Friday not only to be a welcome break from her cell in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, but also to “face the accuser head-on.” I told the Telegraph that it was about that.

Ms. Maxwell’s legal team applied for bail and was denied three times. Judge Nathan has three passports and considerable assets, so she continues to determine that she is at significant flight risk.

In a recent appeal, Ms. Maxwell even proposed revoking British and French citizenship in order to leave prison in preparation for a trial at home.

Her lawyer has appealed to the High Court, and the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is sufficient to prove that Ms. Maxwell will not escape if she is allowed to wait at home under armed guards for 24 hours. He said he was not given the opportunity. Collateral provided to support $ 28.5 million (£ 20 million) bail.

One of the largest bonds in US history, the bond is funded by a joint fund with Mr. Bolgerson and from family and friends.

Marcus said she was “holding up” after visiting Ms. Maxwell in prison the night before at a press conference after a short 10-minute hearing, but after 23 years of work, the defendant was “treated.” He said he had never seen him. Very poor. ” “She deserves a fair shot, a fair trial,” he told the gathered media. “She hasn’t been given it.”