Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband told her on the prison phone that he had “moved” with another woman and ended their secret marriage: Report

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Sources told an email on Sunday that Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband had traveled with another woman while in prison.Laura Cabanau / Getty Images

  • Guillene Maxwell’s husband called her to talk to her about another woman, sources told an email on Sunday.

  • Maxwell and Scott Bolgerson secretly married in 2016 and tried to secure her release on bail.

  • A friend of Maxwell told an email that their marriage was over before the trial.

The marriage to Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband ended when she was in jail after telling her that he had moved with another woman, sources said. Sunday email..

2016, Maxwell Secretly married Silicon Valley entrepreneur Scott Bolgerson, Was in the limelight in 2020 after Maxwell was accused of helping a convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s abusive girl.

A friend of Maxwell told an email that when she was in jail there was a phone call between them, which became “conflicting.”

Bolgerson told Maxwell that he was “going forward” to meet someone else, he told the email.their marriage It ended before the trial began, he added.

Another person said in an email that Bolgerson did not attend Maxwell. trial..

Maxwell Convicted of 5 out of 6 sexual trafficking charges On Wednesday, we face the possibility of 65 years in prison.

The email report included a photo of Bolgerson, who named Chris McGinn and described him as a yoga teacher and writer, along with another woman near his home in Massachusetts.

A friend of Maxwell told the email that he wanted the marriage to be “friendly and swift.”

and letterPart of Larger bail applicationBolgerson called Maxwell “a wonderful and affectionate person” and personally offered millions to secure his release on bail.

Maxwell’s brother, Ian Maxwell, I told the insider in an interview In October, her family was “really surprised” to find out that she was married to Bolgerson. At that time, he didn’t know if Bolgerson and Maxwell were still together.

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