Ghost towns spread by word of mouth on TikTok, but don’t try to visit, Missouri sheriffs warn

Authorities have warned visitors after a TikTok video featuring an abandoned resort in Missouri has gained millions of views.

TikTok user @carriejernigan1 posted a video on March 26th to share the story of a “ghost town” near Branson.

“Have you ever seen a lot of abandoned mansions?” The voice asks. “Every time I go to Branson, I drive through a ghost town known as the Indian Ridge Resort.”

In the video, some abandoned multi-level homes are seen sitting in clearing, many with broken windows and debris in the yard.

The video has been viewed more than 15 million times since it was posted, and visitors are flocking to the site, according to local governments.

“A Recent Tik-Tok videos “We’ve become viral about the development of the bankrupt Indian Ridge,” Sheriff Stone County Sheriff Dagrader wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. “This makes this place, away from the 76th Highway, a tourist attraction.”

Raiders, who said there was a “continuous flow of people” invading the development over the weekend, warned visitors that the development was private property and that they could be cited for trespassing.

“Our agents are very busy processing service calls and don’t want to write trespass tickets to people,” Raider writes. “Do not enter the property. Do not break into the property.”

The $ 1.6 billion Indian Ridge Resort project began construction in 2006.

Located on Table Rock Lake 900 acre development KY3 reported that it would have an indoor water park, a 390-room resort hotel, a golf course, a marina, condominiums, villas and other luxury amenities.

The project collapsed during the 2008 recession.

Several The building was demolished According to KTVI, others remain empty and unfinished.

According to the outlet, four people were found guilty in 2015 in connection with a real estate fraud program involving Indian Ridge Resort.

Later, the property discovered a new owner and plans to develop the area are underway, KTVI reported.

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