“Ghostbusters” actor Dan Aykroyd believes that harmful comedy should be canceled: “It’s a simple laugh.”

Dan Aykroyd Cancel culture When appropriate.

“Ghostbusters” star, 69, said he would hurt people comedy It should be called because of its “vulnerability”.

“There’s plenty of humor, you don’t have to go to scat, you don’t have to draw split cards to laugh,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. interview..

“There are a lot of comments out there that are outside the realm of attack. As a writer, you can go to other areas and succeed in your creative efforts. Scat’s humor is fun. Easy laughter. But there’s a smarter sentence, which can happen if you’re away from offensive material that should be legitimately revoked because of its harmfulness, “he continued.

“Who can be the subject of impression today? It’s an area of ​​discourse. Can you imitate James Brown? He was one of my best friends. I heard his voice. I’m pretty good at it.

Cancellation Culture: Dave Chappelle and other comedians take the side

Aykroyd, who once wore a blackface in the 1983 movie Trading Places, takes a different position than many of his fellow comedy stars.

More recently, comedian Dave Chappelle declined to cancel after commenting on transgender people on Netflix’s latest stand-up special, The Closer.

俳優のダンエイクロイドは、キャンセルカルチャーについて意見を述べました。  <スパンクラス="著作権">Kevin Winter / Getty Images</ span>“src =” “data-src =” https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/5L6eG3AxKWKFi9H6GshC1A–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Nw–/https://s.yimg.com/uu/api/ res / 1.2 / zVqaiR5VwguMCLhbJtCz1Q-~ B / aD03MjA7dz0xMjgwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u / https://media.zenfs.com/en/fox_news_text_979/bc43f013f5ff1fb2126d<noscript><img alt=Kevin Winter / Getty Images“src =” https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/5L6eG3AxKWKFi9H6GshC1A–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Nw–/https://s.yimg.com/uu/api/res/1.2/zv -~ B / aD03MjA7dz0xMjgwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u / https://media.zenfs.com/en/fox_news_text_979/bc43f013f5ff1fb2126d9225ad84c782 “class=”caas-img”/>

Actor Dan Aykroyd commented on the cancellation culture. Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Last month, Netflix employees and others were planning a strike in Los Angeles. The focus was on emphasizing their opposition to comedy specials and the company’s treatment of it.

Netflix was caught in a whirlpool of criticism not only about specials, but also about how internal notes responded to employee concerns. .. “


Salandus also wrote that Netflix “doesn’t allow titles designed to incite hatred and violence, and I don’t think Closer will cross that line.”

In an interview last month, Salands said he couldn’t realize that “our group of employees is really hurt.” He told The Wall Street Journal, And his comment on the impact of television on viewers was oversimplified.

映画「ゴーストバスターズII」の制作中の俳優ダンエイクロイド。  <スパンクラス="著作権">Robin Platzer / Getty Images</ span>“src =” “data-src =” https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/ebxA3EOwHsctjKkhSyamaQ–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Nw–/https://s.yimg.com/uu/api/ res / 1.2 / bh4ZA.kPMFk0yqU47PsEEQ-~ B / aD03MjA7dz0xMjgwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u / https://media.zenfs.com/en/fox_news_text_979/6eb187086f613a9d0afad9c1a<noscript><img alt=Robin Platzer / Getty Images“src =” https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/ebxA3EOwHsctjKkhSyamaQ–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Nw–/https://s.yimg.com/uu/api/res/1.2/bh4ZA. kPMFk0yqU47PsEEQ-~ B / aD03MjA7dz0xMjgwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u / https://media.zenfs.com/en/fox_news_text_979/6eb187086f613a9d0afad9c1cea1209f” class=”caas

Actor Dan Aykroyd during the production of the movie “Ghostbusters II”. Robin Platzer / Getty Images

Comedian and actor Billy Crystal participated in the cancellation culture during the interview New York post..

“It’s becoming a minefield and I got it.” Star said, 73. “I don’t like it, I understand it … I just keep doing what I’m doing, and that’s all you can do now.”

Chris Rock Raised a voice of opposition Cancel the culture, Keep in mind that it leads to “uninteresting” and “boring” content from comedians.

David Spade’s story about the dangers of comedian cancellation culture

Stand-up comedians appeared in “The Breakfast Club” in May.

“It’s weird because when you’re a comedian, when you’re a comedian, when the audience doesn’t laugh, we receive a message. You really need to cancel us because we receive a message. No, they don’t laugh. ” “Our feelings hurt. When we do something and people aren’t laughing, we get it.”

「ゴーストバスターズ:アフターライフ」スターは、キャンセルカルチャーについて意見を表明した他のコメディアンや俳優に加わります。  <スパンクラス="著作権">Photo courtesy of Noam Galai / Getty Images </ span>“src =” “data-src =” https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/9XgR_tEH0YlhiYS3QCQfaA–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTk4Ng–/https://s.yimg.com/uu/api/ res / 1.2 / 0CRRmsekjgDRjfM_1t2fUA–~B / aD0zMDAwO3c9MjE0NDthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg– / https://media.zenfs.com/en/fox_news_text_979/5635ddfdeb2dcb7ee1f00f1e319ec<noscript><img alt=Photo courtesy of Noam Galai / Getty Images src = “https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/9XgR_tEH0YlhiYS3QCQfaA–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTk4Ng–/https://s.yimg.com/uu/api/res/1.2/0R -~ B / aD0zMDAwO3c9MjE0NDthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg- / https://media.zenfs.com/en/fox_news_text_979/5635ddfdeb2dcb7ee1f00f1e319ecbc2 “class=”caas-img”/>

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” stars join other comedians and actors who have expressed their views on cancellation culture. Photo by Noamgarai / Getty Images

in the meantime, Seth Rogen Some comedians downplayed the effects of cancellation culture by claiming that they were a little overkill in light of past jokes that weren’t fully matured.

Rogen, 39, appeared in “Good Morning Britain” earlier this year and is responsible for “certain jokes” that he understands aren’t going to work today, but has some understanding of supporters of cancellation culture. Was shown.

“Sure, some jokes aren’t mature, but I think that’s the essence of comedy,” Rogen said. insider). “Conceptually, I think these movies are healthy. As long as people still enjoy watching them, I think there’s a reason they lasted. Make jokes always last. It’s not made. “