Girl Guides Fire WA CEO for Questioning Transgender Membership Policy

A former CEO of Girl Guide, who was fired for expressing her disapproval of transgender policy, said the traditional organization was “hijacked” by transgender ideology and told the agency “what’s happening”. “Understand what it is.”

Karyn Lisignoli was dismissed by Girl Guides Western Australia (WA) in December after seeking legal advice to return membership rules to biological women only.

The current Girl Guides WA Constitution defines a girl as “a person living as a woman under the age of 18” and a woman as “a person living as a woman over the age of 18”.

On December 16, Lisignoli contacted Katherine Deves, a women’s rights lawyer and head of Save Women’s Sport Australia, via Twitter and Deves tweeted about the Supreme Court’s decision on a gender-neutral passport. I commented below.

“I realized that our Constitution is content with this ideology,” wrote the former CEO. “Can I DM you and find a legal status in this? If I were to bring it back to a biological woman, would we violate the law?”

The conversation was noted by the LGBT + publication OUTinPerth, after which a series of questions were sent to Lisignoli and Girl Guides, and Yvonne Power, chairman of Girl Guides WA, said she was’organized. “

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Girl Guides Western Australia terminated the hiring of former CEO Karyn Lisignoli on February 16, 2022, due to her comments on transgender policy. (Provided)

However, the former CEO said, “The bigger public relations issue” is “Australia’s average mom and dad … symbolic and traditional organizations like Girl Guide, the world’s largest and first development program organization. It’s time to surrender. ” [transgender] ideology. “

“Most parents think they do because when they send their daughter to a girl’s guide, she wants to benefit from female role models and female peers in a female-only environment.” Said Risignori to the Epoch Times.

“If someone can identify himself, he doesn’t have to move, which creates an absolutely big loophole for predatory men to access the girl,” she said. “Only a perfect biological man can suddenly say, I’m a female, and you have to call me her.”

Lisignoli also “naively” believes that allowing transgender women in women-only spaces is “compassionate,” but people are unaware of this “dangerous effect.” Is often. “

“Of course, not all men are predators, but a small percentage of them lie, manipulate, deceive, and do everything they need to access their victims.”

“When it comes to safety, there are very realistic biological differences between men and women, so our biological gender must take precedence over gender identity. Men are more. Bigger, stronger, more powerful, men have the ability to rape women. “

The Girl Guide Guidance to Support Diversity and Inclusion “Individuals should be considered the ultimate authority over their gender identity,” he said. “It is not appropriate to determine who is a girl and who is not.”

All children, including transgender girls, said, “If you feel comfortable, you can use a bathroom / changing room that accommodates gender identity.”

“As a youth member of your unit, the girl participates in the same activities as all other youth members of your unit, including sleeping in the same area as the other youth members of your unit. “

Girl Guide Australia Chief Commissioner Rosemary Win said Australian person On February 11, the guidelines were developed in accordance with the 2018 State and Territory Anti-Discrimination Act.

“Everyone is treated equally and with mutual respect, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. If a transgender girl goes to school as a girl and her friends go to a guide It’s important that they can come too, otherwise it’s discriminatory, “Darwin said.

But Risignori said the new guidelines are shaped by recent trends in social justice that have wiped out Australian businesses for decades.

“The real worry is that people still can’t ask questions, as opposed to all of us asking really difficult questions,” she said.

“I asked a question, and Girl Guides WA was folded for fear of a possible onslaught and wasn’t even talked about. [from the article].. And that’s how aggressive this ideology is. “

“A better way to help children with gender identity is not to affirm their identity, but to provide them with treatment and give them love and assistance in a compassionate and non-affirmative way. “The former CEO added.

“If someone goes to see the therapist and they say, I’m depressed and I want to kill myself, but the therapist doesn’t go.

“This affirmative and social transmission model has suffered from many other psychological or problems, or many children who have just agreed to the fact that they are homosexual, now suddenly become incompatible identities. It means being pushed in, often with really tragic consequences. “

Nina Nguyen


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