Girl Scouts broke the record by selling 32,484 boxes of cookies in one season

Selling tens of thousands of Girl Scout cookies in just two months is an incredible feat. It’s even more special when done during a pandemic.

Lily Bumpass, 8, has a mission to sell as many cookies as possible this season, within limits. She couldn’t make a door-to-door visit or set up a table outside the grocery store, but she could sell it online. The garden of her house in San Bernardino, California.

“She sold her crazy heart until the last day of the Girl Scout cookie season,” said Bumpass’s mom, Trish Bauer. Said San Bernardino Luini.. “We boosted just outside the house for 11 hours and sold 500 boxes a day. Lily is Lily. She hates someone telling her that something is impossible.”

Bumpass is a survivor of cancer, and her army consists primarily of other children who have fought or are still fighting cancer, or who have lost their loved ones due to illness. Last week, her fellow scouts appeared at her home to surprise Bumpass and shared some good news: she sold 32,484 boxes of cookies, a record of most boxes sold during the season. I broke. Approximately 5,000 boxes have been donated to childhood cancer patients, homeless people and overseas soldiers.

“It feels like the world believes in me and it feels really good,” Bumpass said. Sun.. “It makes so much sense to me that people come to support me by buying cookies.”

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