Giuliani Must Go to Atlanta for Election Investigation, Judge Says

ATLANTA (AP) — A judge said Tuesday that Rudy Giuliani must appear in person in Atlanta to testify before a special grand jury under investigation. Whether former President Donald Trump and others illegally tried to influence set the 2020 election in Georgia and his appearance next week.

The former New York mayor and Trump’s attorney was originally ordered to appear on Tuesday. pardoned him after he filed a motion to delay the

Giuliani’s lawyers claim that a recent medical procedure to place two cardiac stents has prevented him from traveling by air. Fulton County District Attorney Fanny Willis and her team have persuaded Giuliani’s attorneys to suggest that instead of appearing before a special grand jury, they would appear virtually, such as via Zoom, or conduct interviews with prosecutors. I refused.

McBurney has set Giuliani’s appearance in court for August 17th. The judge said it would give Giuliani, his legal team and doctors a chance to raise their concerns and give them more time to consider how they might one way or another travel from New York to Atlanta. other than airplanes.

McBurney said the date would be changed if doctors said his health wouldn’t allow it. If you plan to do so, you should do it sooner or later, he said.

At the hearing, Thomas expressed concern that Willis’ team did not respond when asked if Giuliani was under investigation. McBurney said it was a fair question and would “beg” prosecutors to address the matter with Giuliani’s lawyers before Giuliani arrives in Atlanta.

“Don’t leave them hanging in front of it,” the judge said, which would influence the questions Giuliani would be asked and willing to answer, and the time he might spend up to that point. Said. Special Grand Jury.

Willis started investigating Early last year.there was a special grand jury sit in may At her request, we began hearings from witnesses in June.

From the outset, she has acknowledged her interest in a phone call between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Ravensperger.she meanwhile Conversations for January 2021Trump suggested Ravensperger could “find” the votes he needed to reverse his small loss in the state.

It also emerged that Willis’ team is investigating statements made by Trump allies during the Georgia State Legislative Commission meeting in December 2020.

Willis filed a petition last month try to coerce testimony From seven Trump associates and advisers.They don’t live in Georgia, so she I had to use the process That includes asking them to appear before a judge in the state where they live.

and Petition for Giuliani’s testimony, Willis identified him as Trump’s personal attorney and lead attorney for his campaign. She wrote that he and others attended a state Senate committee meeting and presented a video of what Giuliani said.

Within 24 hours of that Dec. 3, 2020 hearing, Raffensperger’s office debunked the video. But Giuliani continued to make statements to the public, claiming in subsequent legislative hearings that voter fraud was widespread using the debunked video, Willis wrote.

Evidence suggests Giuliani’s hearing attendance and testimony “was part of a multi-state coordinated plan by the Trump campaign to influence the outcome of the November 2020 Georgia election.” indicates, the petition states.

Willis is also seeking testimony from South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, a close aide to Trump. He has asked a federal judge to vacate his subpoena, and the judge held a hearing on Wednesday.

Asked about the Fulton County investigation at a press conference Tuesday in Columbia, South Carolina, Graham said he plans to continue fighting.

“I’m chairman of the Judiciary Committee and I had to vote on certification of the election. It’s ridiculous. We need to stop weaponizing this law,” he said. Do your job without fear of county prosecutors coming after you. ”


Associated Press writer Meg Kinnaird contributed to the report.