Give up your seat to the liar George Santos

George Santos

George Santos

One day, the PR team at my previous job welcomed a new employee without warning. I immediately went to LinkedIn to find this mysterious person, but to no avail.

A Google search turned up some self-generated content hyping up powerful political operatives. (We were a publicly traded digital company.)

At our first meeting, I asked if this person knew a famous friend of mine from one of his “political” jobs.

“Of course he is a wonderful person,” was the reply. My response was, “Really? Well, he died two weeks ago.”

The point is, this person lied on their resume and what they submitted to HR. When I went to HR multiple times nothing was done with proof he lied.

He remained and I was pushed out.

I’ve heard a lot about this case of dereliction of duty by my old employer, along with all the news about Republican Rep. I’ve been thinking about

My hope is that the Republican will take a tip from my old employer and ignore his lies.

Exactly one week before Christmas, when Santa checked those lists, new york times Santos’ list turned out to be full of lies. The list he was a mile long so Santa didn’t have time to check him twice. Santos is the definition of naughty.

yesterday, new york post It was published Santos interview He admitted to “embellishing” his resume. Embellishment is about adding responsibilities to one of his job descriptions, or faking the year he graduated from college to look younger. Decorations may also include a list of charitable activities that he has done once or twice, or not at all.

What Santos did is lie outright on his resume. His CV in Santos says Baruch He’s a college graduate and reads like fiction?He’s never been to college. Does he work for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup?He was never hired by them.

What is his Jewish background?he admitted director that he is Catholic. He was married to a woman, but they got divorced — something he didn’t reveal on the campaign trail.

Santos also said he owns more than a dozen properties. But guess what? He confessed to owning nothing. He actually lives with his sister. he is in debt His last job made $55,000 a year. He had defaulted on his rent payments at his last residence.

Then there’s the potential for real fuss. According to his financial disclosure form, his assets are his $11 million. How?

If I were Santos’ sister, I’d get my butt off the couch and tell him I’d at least rent a room in a group house, part of which would be $11 million.

There is one irony here.He said director“I will do what I promised during the campaign to fight crime, fight inflation and improve education. People chose me to fight for them.”

People thought they had elected an undivorced millionaire who was a shrewd investor who went to college in New York. So he’s already lying to them.

Do you really believe he will “fight for them”? He will focus on fighting to protect his reputation. He has been exposed as a liar, a fake and a joke.

Case in point, Republican congressional leadership reportedly knew from the start that Santos was joking. And they did nothing. That in and of itself is outrageous and a devious slight to his 3 voters in New York.rd House constituency.

according to director“Senator Republicans seemed to notice the inaccuracies and embellishments in the elected representative’s résumé, and the topic became a ‘running joke.'”

What a vicious bunch of bastards.

As an aside, former Congressman Steve Gunderson is often seen talking about Santos. Because Gunderson is the first Republican to come out publicly in an elected Congress. Santos is only his third (and first non-incumbent), and that’s all he needs to know about the Republican Party. However, conflating Gunderson with Santos does the former Wisconsin national team a huge injustice. I spoke with Gunderson on the his coming out anniversary on the house floor. he is a decent man And he’s a far cry from the truly horrible Republicans we see today.

Republican leadership, especially Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California (Santos said he would vote for McCarthy as House Speaker), is desperate to maintain a small majority in the House, so they want me to trying to take a cue from the old company of .just brush off all the fabrications and deceptions. And why don’t they? In today’s Republican Party, Santos is a good fit because the prerequisite he’s one lying.

This might be great in the short term, but wow, what a bonus for Democrats who have the Republican poster child for lying. The Democrats will knock out the con man named Santos. You can see clever ads, clever memes, and talking points about the fact that this is one of the false faces of the Republican Party.

Santos is seen as a “regular” liar. As such, he would be a political target if he could stay in Congress. I mean, we all know that people like Marjorie Taylor-Green, Lauren Boubert, and Matt Gates are initially warped, cartoonish idiots who just can’t be taken seriously. So it would be redundant to feature them in campaign ads.

It’s no surprise that 80% of American voters know Democrats aren’t pedophiles and don’t run associations of underage sex workers. It’s all fantastic and irrelevant.

Enter Santos here. Unfortunately, some of his sins are outright lies that most of us can relate to. I know I’m going to get fired if I lie on my resume. What message does it send if Santos isn’t fired by the Republicans like we are?

A reporter called me about someone I met at my previous company who lied on my resume. The reporter also heard rumors that this person was suspicious. I refused to help him rant about this person. I didn’t want to go near it.

If Santos stayed in Congress and ran for re-election at will, would anyone approach him?

He shook his head at the call for Santos to resign. let him stay! Let Republican leaders roll in the mud of slanderers and deceivers. Trump and his lies may be fading away, but there are many, like Santos, who are ready to step in and pick up the slack. means

Abraham Lincoln, rolling in the grave with all these liars in his party, once said of liars: I know nothing of the power of argument that could stop him. “

John Casey General editor of The Advocate.

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