GiveSendGo donors from the US account for about 50% of Canada’s Freedom Convoy campaign

According to the crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo, about 50% of Freedom Convoy’s anti-mandate protests in Canada come from small donations from the United States.

Jacob Wells, CFO and co-founder of GiveSendGo, said: Fox business.. “The average donation was very low, less than $ 100,” Wells added.

Freedom Convoy GiveSendGo campaign page So far, it has raised more than $ 9.44 million and has achieved 58% of its $ 16 million target. As of February 16, more than 107,000 people have donated and nearly 42,000 have prayed.

In its campaign statement, Freedom Convoy accuses the Government of Canada of destroying businesses and livelihoods by imposing orders. In November, the Trudeau administration claimed that a vaccine passport was required for cross-border travel. This is controversial and unnecessary given the shortage of truck drivers, Freedom Envoy said.

According to the group, the decision has increased the cost of transporting essentials such as food imported from the United States to Canada.

Confirmation follows site hacker violations and information posted by more than 92,000 individuals who donated to the Freedom Convoy campaign.

According to the hacked list posted on the now obsolete website, a total of over $ 9 million has been donated over 92,000 through GiveSendGo. According to the data, the United States donated $ 3.6 million, while about $ 4.3 million came from Canada. NY Times..

When it comes to personal donations, the United States has reached the top of the list. One of the biggest donations of $ 90,000 was made by billionaire Silicon Valley entrepreneur Siebel Systems founder Thomas Siebel and artificial intelligence platform

Freedom Convoy initially launched a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe, successfully raising over $ 10 million. However, the GoFundMe admin has shut down the campaign. February 5 update, GoFundMe said there is evidence from law enforcement agencies that protesters have become “professions” and protesters are engaged in violence and other illegal activities. A Canadian judge has frozen access to donations by representatives of Freedom Convoy.

The Ottawa police chief later gained credibility for stopping funding. He resigned on February 15th.

GoFundMe has announced that it will refund all donations made by donors after initially stating that it will distribute funds to other charities selected by the platform. After widespread backlash, the decision changed. The truck driver then launched a fundraiser on the Christian crowdfunding site GiveSend Go.

“I think this was a big PR mistake by GoFundMe,” Wells said. Fox news.. “Our platform is booming. We’ve never seen so many businesses. That means we’ve grown incredibly last year. This year we’re at the same pace, 100% every month. It’s going on. It’s absolutely amazing.

“People have vowed never to use GoFundMe again because of the ideological stance they are taking. We take a neutral position. We want people to raise money. GoFundMe is being investigated for donation blocking and withholding in Florida, Texas, West Virginia, and Missouri.

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