GiveSendGo says some donations sent to truck drivers will be rested at a “private US bank”

Crowdfunding company GiveSendGo still has some of the money donated to the Canadian truck convoy protesting the COVID-19 vaccine obligation, the company said on February 18.

GiveSendGo has become a crowdfunding site of choice for protesters after another platform, GoFundMe, suddenly seized donations to convoys and said that funds would be directed to unnamed charities.

After the backlash, GoFundMe said it would automatically refund all donations, but protesters urged people to look at GiveSendGo for what was deployed.

However, GiveSendGo has recently faced problems, including being hacked in mid-February.

In addition, a Canadian court has moved to freeze all donations to the convoy raised by GiveSend Go. Over $ 8 million has been donated. That number is now over $ 9.6 million.

The Friday update is titled “Where is the money?”. GiveSendGo said many people are asking about donations. According to the company, truck drivers receive some, but not all, of the money.

“Most of the money goes to private US banks,” said GiveSend Go.

This was one of the steps taken to prevent a court order freeze.

“Currently, the teams involved are actively discussing legal options to raise money where they are needed,” the company added.

GiveSendGo did not respond to the list of questions sent by email. This includes the exact amount of money sent to the truck driver.

The company is asking those who donate not to ask for a refund because “the truck driver and his legal team will need money.”

The convoy organizer finally provided the latest information With GiveSendGo The organizers stated that the Government of Canada did not own the donations and described the court order as a “temporary block.”

“Our legal team is challenging government orders, and we’re working on ways to avoid this,” they write. “The best way is to continue making donations to help truck drivers on the ground and not request refunds. Against their commitment to ensure that donations flow directly to truck drivers here in Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy. Thanks to GiveSendFor. “

People continue to donate until February 19th.

Canadian officials are cracking down on protests aimed at vaccination obligations that require Canadian truck drivers to show evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or quarantine when they return to the country. ..

On February 14, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a state of emergency, and his administration immediately began to freeze the protesters’ bank accounts.

Critics say the move is formidable and can have long-term implications.

On Friday, police officers from Ottawa, a major protest site, arrested more than 100 people, and organizer Benjamin Dichter urged people to leave the city.

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