Gloria Allred joins chat as Herschel Walker’s abortions pile up

Herschel Walker denied abortion allegations on Fox News on 10/26/22, while Gloria Allred outlined claims that she paid for her abortion at a press conference

Herschel Walker denied abortion allegations on Fox News on 10/26/22, while Gloria Allred outlined claims that she paid for her abortion at a press conference

a second woman He is currently indicting Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker for anti-abortion charges. payment for abortion when they dated.And the story is now involved mega lawyer Gloria Allredbut it’s unclear exactly why the woman made her allegations clear at a press conference rather than to the press.

Wednesday, Allred Press conference Her client, Jane Doe, had a years-long relationship with Walker, dating back to 1987, and he forced her to have an abortion, going so far as to wait outside the clinic until the surgery was finished. But speaking off-camera, Doe said that when she became pregnant in April 1993, it was clear Walker didn’t want to continue. suspected abortion In 2009, women also did not want to have children, so it was not enforced.The woman said Walker pressured her have a second abortion and she refused. )

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According to Doe, Walker paid her for the surgery, and she went to an abortion clinic in Dallas, Texas, but walked away in dissatisfaction and tears. This upset Walker, and he “took me to the clinic the next day and waited in the parking lot for hours until I came out,” she said. I was overwhelmed because I felt like I was there.”

Doe, a registered independent who voted for former President Donald Trump twice, said he was speaking out not for partisan reasons, but to highlight flaws in his character. I don’t think is morally fit to be a U.S. Senator, and that’s why I’m speaking up and providing evidence,” she said. Said“He has publicly taken a position that he thinks ‘about life’ and is against abortion under any circumstances,” she said. for it. “

This alleged affair and abortion occurred while Walker was married to Cindy DeAngelis Grossman. The marriage lasted from her 1983 to her 2002. domestic abuseholding a gun to her head and saying, “He was going to go,” etc. blow [her] brainis also the mother of Conservative influencer Christian Walker.

As it did earlier this month, Herschel Walker has denied the new allegations.according to Atlanta Journal Constitution,candidate Said At the campaign stop on Dillard, he said, “This stupidity is over. I told you this was a lie, so I’m not going to entertain you.”

he later Said Fox News said the allegations were the act of a “desperate” Democrat wanting to talk about his campaign, and Georgia voters Worried about inflationcrime, and the presence of transgender people over his hypocrisy.

“This is a lie. I said it once and moved on. My campaign moved on,” he said. Said“We worry about what people in Georgia are talking about. They’re talking about this inflation. They’re talking about crime. They’re talking about men in women’s sports. We’re talking about this border.” Walker also suggested that President Joe Biden himself and incumbent Senator Rafael Warnock (Democrat) are behind this, saying they’re “taking back power in this seat.” I’ll do whatever I can and say whatever I can for the sake of you.”

Republican leaders and activists certainly didn’t seem to mind the initial allegations and wanted control of the Senate where Walker would undoubtedly vote to ban abortion. Current podcast host Dana Loesch summarize “Winning is a virtue, and I’m not going to be fooled, nor should you be… What I’m about to say is in no way a contradiction or a compromise of principle. So remember, I don’t care if Herschel Walker pays to abort a baby of an endangered eagle. I want to control the Senate.”

Loesch’s problem is gun rights, voters against abortion Have made the same rationalizationKaaryn Walker, a Georgia Republican political consultant and founder of Black Conservatives for Truth, told Politico earlier this month: Who advocates abortion and does everything they can to help other women get abortions?”

It’s not clear whether this second abortion allegation will be a big deal for conservatives who value power above all else.

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