Glover defends voting irregularity claims at Tory leadership challenge in Manitoba


Manitoba’s conservative leader and new Prime Minister of the state, Heather Stephanson, greets his opponent Shelly Glover at a winning party after defeating her in a leadership race at Winnipeg on October 30, 2021. increase. (Canada Press / John Woods)

Winnipeg — Shelly Glover says he believes the spreadsheet received by the campaign team before Manitoba Prime Minister Heather Stephenson was elected winner of the Progressive Conservative Leadership Vote.

Glover, who lost by a small margin to Stephenson last month, claims that there was irregularity when the votes were counted and wants the judge to order a new vote.

She is in court defending her allegations during the cross-examination of the affidavit in the case.

The challenge is then scheduled for discussion on December 10th in front of the judge.

Progressive Conservative leaders told the court that the elections were fair and the spreadsheet was not intended for final counting of votes.

Former MP Glover received a 49% vote in the October 30 vote.

When the results were announced, there were a total of 16,546 votes, with Stephanson winning 51%.

According to Glover, her team received a spreadsheet in the morning and had a low total vote.

Party leader Tom Weebe told the court on Monday that the campaign leader was aware that the spreadsheet was not intended to be the final sum.

Wiebe defended the number of elections during the affidavit cross-examination and said, “What is that spreadsheet? To tell you exactly who voted.”

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