GoFundMe says donations to truck convoys to Ottawa will continue to be accepted

According to crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, truck driver fundraising for Otawa is protesting the mandatory vaccination for cross-border truck drivers and accepting donations. Funds are only temporarily suspended until the method of distributing funds is reviewed.

“For confirmation, fundraising continues and we continue to accept donations,” a GoFundMe spokeswoman told The Epoch Times on Tuesday.

“We continue to work directly with the organizers to collect information on how the funds are distributed. This is part of the standard process for ensuring the protection of all donors. When the organizer presents a withdrawal plan, our team is waiting to fund it safely and quickly. “

On January 22, hundreds of vehicles departed from northern British Columbia, with more truck drivers from all over Canada on the way. The organizer, Canada Unity, will be demonstrating on January 29th at the Capitol when thousands of trucks gather in the capital.

The “Freedom Convoy 2022” The fundraiser began on January 14th by Tamara Rich, a resident of Medicine Hat, Alberta. As of 5 pm Eastern Standard Time on January 25, more than $ 4.7 million was incurred.

Most of the donations were small amounts provided anonymously, but some made larger donations, including up to $ 11,000 payments from donors identified as MGV concrete finishes.

Rich said in a video posted on the Freedom Convoy 2022 Facebook page on January 23 that he was in contact with GoFundMe about the donation. She said the platform “just gives us a hoop to jump.”

“I understand that they are flooded with messages, sometimes called terrorist organizations,” she said. “And it’s okay because they’re not us, they’re also flooded with messages that these people are supporting us.”

Rich added that he requested GoFundMe to submit a letter detailing when to release the funds and why they would not release them.

“The account hasn’t been frozen, it’s just on hold until more information comes out,” she said. “So don’t panic. Don’t worry.”

Canada Unity Issue a statement The GoFundMe initiative’s website states that a finance committee has been formed to deal with the distribution of money in two ways.

Those who can afford their expenses for the trip can later submit a receipt to the organizer for a refund via electronic transfer, the statement says.

If you’re planning a trip but need funding in advance, you can get financial support by providing an “email chain and confirmation of participation”.

“To ensure that this money goes where it’s needed, each driver registers with his or her road captain. If he’s not on the list, he won’t receive the money,” the statement said. ..

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.